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NOTE: Regarding Staff Availability

Laurie Works Tuesday to Saturday 

Ashley Works Sundays ONLY

Service Offering Categories:

1) Energy Healing
(Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Access Consciousness, Thetahealing)

2) Sound Healing Services
(Crystal Singing Bowls, Chanting, Sound Immersion, Tuning Fork Sessions, Biofield Clearing Sessions, Sound Healing Combos)

3) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
(QHHT is for: past life regression, healing physical and emotional ailments, getting answers to your questions in life, understanding your authentic path and purpose)

4) Combinations of Services
(You can mix and match different services including art therapy, sound healing, energy healing and add ons)

5) Life Coaching
(Identify where you are at, where you want to go, and set SMART goals to get you there)

Or you can view All Services At Once Under the All Services Tab  

Note: When booking services you have to click the "pay now" button to give yourself the option of paying online or paying in person with the debit/credit card machine later. 

Our Services

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