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Harmony Hands Has a YouTube Channel!

Many More Healing & Releasing Meditations On Harmony Hands' YouTube Channel  - Subscribe Today:

Click Here To Go To: Harmony Hands Meditations

Grounding Meditations

Deep Relaxation Meditations

Chakra Clearing Meditations

Releasing Meditations

Manifesting Meditations

Healing Meditations

Click Here To Go To: Working With Meridians and Lynmphatic System

Neurolymphatic Massage To Activate Your Lymph System

Coming Soon: 

How To Activate and Tap Your Own Individual Meridians


Click on the links below to be taken to the meditation section of your choice:

Grounding Meditations Link

Deep Relaxation Meditations Link

Chakra Clearing Meditations Link

Releasing Limiting Beliefs Meditation Link

Releasing Anger Guided Meditation Link

Releasing Stress, Anxiety and Tension Meditation Link

Manifesting Your Hopes & Dreams Meditation Link

Healing Your Inner Child Meditation Link

Grounding Meditations

Short Relaxation and Grounding Meditation - October 2018


Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation and Connection Guided Meditation With Positive Affirmations - Oct 2018

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation, Letting Go and Healing - Summer 2018










Chakra Clearing Meditations

Relaxing, Guided Chakra Clearing, Healing, Connecting and Protection Meditation - November 2018







Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Manifesting a New Reality For Your Highest & Greatest Good - September 2018

(Best if you listen to the meditation using headphones)

Deep Relaxation
Chakra Clearing
Releasing Limiting Beliefs
Meridians & Lymph System



Releasing Stress, Anxiety and Tension Guided Relaxation Meditation with Affirmations

Manifesting Meditations

Manifesting Your Hopes & Dreams and

Releasing Obstacles In Your Path - October 2018


Healing Meditations

Healing Your Inner Child

October 2018

Working With Your Meridians & Your Lymphatic System



Neurolymphatic Massage Walk Through With Laurie




Coming Soon:

Techniques Showing How To Activate & Maintain Your Own Meridians

Releasing stress, anxiety and tension
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