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Laurie Fulford, PMP
Author, Owner of Harmony Hands Energy Healing,
Multi-Faceted Energy Practitioner, Sound Healer , Transformational Life Coach and Meditation Facilitator


Laurie Fulford, PMP

Hi, My name is Laurie, owner of Harmony Hands Energy Healing.  I am a Multi-faceted Energy Practitioner, BCIT Certified Civil Technology Manager and an Internationally Certified Project Management Professional.  After 30 years of working in the public service I woke up to my greater purpose in life and started on a new path.  I wanted to continue with my passion for helping people, in a way that contributed to maintaining connections and helping people soar to their highest potential.   

Complimentary therapies to traditional Western medicine have always interested and intrigued me.  Healthy life choices, in all aspects of wellness, have always been at the forefront of every decision I have made. I practiced energy routines, meditated, learned mindfulness and embarked on learning everything I could about energy meridians, acupressure points, energy healing, human anatomy (beyond my training as an Industrial First Aid Attendant) and the healing properties of crystals.  Years later here I am, owner of Harmony Hands Energy Healing, Reiki Master/Teacher, certified in a multitude of modalities, helping people learn how to heal themselves by letting go. I offer Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Access Consciousness - Access Bars, Advanced DNA Thetahealing, Sound Healing, Meridian Maintenance, Grounding Practices, Empathic Protection Practices and so much more. 


I have written a book , now on its second printing, titled "Awaken Your Energetic Superpowers" to help people wake up to their own unique powers for healing and manifesting the changes you want in your life. This book is a guidebook for those just awakening to the knowing that there is more to life than just eating, working, sleeping, repeat. It is a book to help you align your heart and mind, set up daily spiritual practices, connect to your intuition, angels and guides; and so much more!!  It is a book that helps you learn how to heal yourself, your chakras, your meridians, your ailments.  


 I have also published numerous meditations online with the Insight Timer app and on YouTube, as well as online courses on the Udemy learning platform; all in an effort to help people learn what works best for them along their healing journey. I also offer regular workshops and certification courses for those wanting to expand their knowledge. 

I also have published an online program titled "Awaken Your Potential Training and Coaching Program" which is self-paced online teachings with weekly zoom calls for checking in and support.  At the end you get one full coaching session and two progress check ins.  You also get access to the support App 'Awaken Your Superpowers' for one full year!  You can learn more by click here:

Ashley Pimlott


"Planting seeds of happiness in hopes to BE the change I wish to see."

Hello friends! For those of you who do not know me yet, my name is Ashely Pimlott. I am a nature-based, energy practitioner in my beautiful hometown of Terrace, BC.


I love adventuring outdoors with my family, basking in the glory of our bountiful Pacific Northwest- hiking, kayaking, fishing, cleaning up the earth, foraging, learning new things, healing, and sharing art of all kinds.


As a child, I was overwhelmed by a powerful connection to the world around me. Today, I have learned to harness that intuition, with the collaboration of modern science, to achieve things I used to deem impossible.


I currently have my Basic, Advanced, and Digging Deeper certifications in ThetaDNAHealing, Usui Ryoho Reiki level 1 certification, Aboriginal Doula and Perinatal Substance Use Certifications, and “Intro to Natural Health and Healing” through CMC. I am currently working towards my level 2 Reiki certificate. (Some of my other certifications include Beginners Photography, Office Admin, WHIMIS, First Aid, Serving-it-right, and yearly Umpire certifications.)


I offer holistic services such as ThetaDNAHealing, Beginner Eco-Adventure Tourism Excusions, Earthing, Sacred Smudgning, Guided Meditations, Sound Baths, Art Therapy, and Aromatherapy. (Other venture’s services include Kayak Rentals, Showshoe Rentals, Dog Walks, Boarding, Photography, Estate Management, Umpiring, and Event Planning.)


Hometown Holistics is a safe, judgement-free space to foster healthy relationships, peace, harmony, and a powerful connection to a universal energy.


Ashley Pimlott
Owner of Hometown Holistics,
Multi-Faceted Energy Practitioner, Sound Healer , and Aboriginal Doula

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