Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment
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Who am I you ask? .....

My name is Laurie Fulford and I am an Energy Practitioner, BCIT Certified Civil Technology Manager and an Internationally Certified Project Management Professional.  After 30 years of public service working in information technology, civil engineering and finally as the Terrace - Kitimat Government Agent, I retired.  I wanted to continue with my passion for helping people, in a way that contributed to maintaining connections and helping people soar to their highest potential.   I wanted to find a new career path where I could continue to help others, truly make a difference in other people's lives; and assist people to relax, regroup, expedite healing, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety and compliment Western medicine processes. 

My father was an engineer, my mother was a creative spirit.  Growing up in my family holistic healing was not really talked about, yet it was all around me.  My father was the skeptical, fact driven, analytical thinker, a double blind study kind of man, who needed the facts, data and science before buying in to anything.  My mother was  the opposite growing up, she had great faith and utilized the energy from crystals for vibrational healing.  My sister has universal energy connection abilities and my grandmother had an innate empathic and intuitive ability, completely attuned to nature and the universal energies around her.  My whole life I have been able to focus and send energy to my hands, I just didn't know why, whether the energy was mine or the universe's, or what the purpose of that gift was or if it even was a gift.  In life I started out majoring in psychology, doing crisis center counseling and career counseling.  My career took a 180 degree turn when I decided to follow my father's path, going into civil engineering.  I needed data, facts and science.  I have a strong analytical mind like my father, hungry for details, data, facts and the science behind all the "whoo whoo" stuff.  It is like I have two personas, the engineering mindset and the creative, intuitive,  empathic ability mindset.


I discovered Reiki from a couple of friends of mine.  I went to my first Reiki session to see what this was all about and it was there that I started to understand the energy that I had been feeling in my hands my whole life.  I started to understand how Reiki practitioners were able to tap into this universal energy and channel it for their client's highest and greatest good.  I started to get clarity on what this gift of channeling Reiki was  and how I could use my own gift of channeling universal energy to help others. 

Complimentary therapies to traditional Western medicine have always interested and intrigued me.  Healthy life choices, in all aspects of wellness, have always been at the forefront of every decision I have made. Because of my civil engineering background, and my need (not desire - but hard core, indisputable need) for scientific data I set out to either prove this to be real, or a sham.  I set out on my journey, starting with conducting a lot of research into the science of energy work and energy healing.  I talked to a lot of energy practitioners who had somewhat of an understanding of the science behind the work they did, but not completely.  I practiced energy routines, meditated, learned mindfulness and embarked on learning everything I could about energy meridians, acupressure points, energy healing, human anatomy (beyond my training as an Industrial First Aid Attendant) and the healing properties of crystals. 

I learned that Quantum physics teaches us that our bodies are 99% energy and only 1% matter.  I thought about that a lot, as you never hear about energy healing or maintenance in the mainstream medicine world.  I started to understand that we all need to start paying attention to the 99% energy that makes up who we are.  We need to accept that we are energy bodies, and that our energy needs maintenance and healing.


I was getting excited about all I was learning, and I could now see how Reiki would fit into my own life.  I signed up for Reiki Level I course, then Level 2, then the Master level.  I was hungry to learn and grasp the concepts of energy healing and the science behind it all.  I studied a long time, as I went through each level of Reiki training methodically, ensuring I had each level well accomplished before feeling like I was ready to move onto the next level.  After a lot of study and practice, I became a true Usui Reiki Master and Teacher in 2017. 

I was trained by Lisa Powers, Reiki Master and best selling author.  I passed my exams, completed my practicum and was certified by Lisa as a qualified Reiki Master & Teacher.   I then took a lot of training and became a Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, as well as a Certified Animal Reiki Master and Teacher.  I am now a registered member of the International Reiki Organization.

Once I had my credentials and practical abilities, I started to consider how I would broach this topic with friends and colleagues, medical practitioners and other technically minded people in my life without coming across as a complete flake, losing all my credibility and my reputation as a sound, analytical thinker.  I knew that even talking about energy medicine to other professionals would put me in a group outside of the mainstream. 

I knew I would need to provide proof of my credentials and proof that energy healing had more beneficial outcomes, and no clear negative ones that I could find in my research.  I embarked on setting up this web site and a holistic healing business, to help inform and educate people on our energy bodies and the healing abilities within each of us.  I started my own energy healing practice, offering Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, Meridian Tapping and Access Consciousness processes.  I use my psychology training and counseling experience to help people work through their anxieties, fears, grief, hopes, desires  and goals. 


​Being able to channel universal energy from source, through me and to my hands is such an honor.  Watching as the client's body absorbs as much energy as it needs, putting it exactly where it needs to go and miraculously healing itself is an amazing privilege.  Feeling the energy from source pulse through my body, at different rates depending on the need of the client, is such a surreal miracle to my analytical brain.


I have started to use the higher vibrational crystals in grids and as chakra stones during Reiki sessions which I am finding enhances the client's experience, healing and absorption of the crystal properties and benefits for holistic healing.  It gives the energy work and healing a huge boost.


I continued learning about other modalities, and am now a Certified Access Consciousness - Access Bars Practitioner.   I have learned that it is only through our willingness  to step outside of our comfort zone and consciously process our limiting beliefs, past traumas, disappointments, upsets and life's bumps in the road that we begin to heal from within.

Through learning about the universal energy, I explored meridian work.  I am now a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner as well. 

​By tapping meridians and acupressure points, we can activate neurons to be free flowing through the body.  By ensuring that we continue to maintain our energy pathways, we improve our overall wellness, mobility and inner joy.  Tapping improves the circulatory system, the nervous system, the lymph system, digestive and excretory system, skeletal system, endocrine system, muscular system and so much more!!  Maintaining these systems with simple, easy and fast energy movements you can do at home in under 10 minutes each day is the key to long term wellness.

My Complete Certifications Are: 

  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui, Kundalini, Crystal & Animal) 

  • Certified Practitioner in: Access Consciousness, Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping, Meditation & Forensic Healing 

  • Crisis Counselor with 25 years Experience Coaching/Mentoring