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At Harmony Hands Patients Currently Undergoing Cancer Treatment

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Professional Organizational Support For Reiki Practices As A Complimentary Therapy To Traditional Cancer Treatments






The Canadian Cancer Society lists Relaxation, Meditation, Reiki and Acupressure as complimentary therapies, to existing medical treatment plans, that help cancer patients with pain management.

The Canadian Cancer Society offers a guide to Complimentary Therapies, to traditional cancer treatments.  Energy therapies (Reiki), meditation, relaxation and music therapy (used during Reiki sessions) are all listed as complimentary therapies they recommend cancer patients explore.  The guide can be accessed here:




The Mayo Clinic offers patients a listing of positive reasons cancer patients should add Reiki as a complimentary therapy to their existing medical treatment plan.  The listing can be found at:

" December 29th, 2015

9 Facts about Reiki



We wanted to share with you 9 facts about Reiki and how this form of relaxation is used throughout the world. Reiki is alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to help relax enabling the body systems to move into a state of balance and harmony.

1. At a research study  on the effects of Reiki done at Hartford Hospital:

  • 86% of patients reported improved sleep

  • 78% of patients reported reduced pain

  • 80% of patients reported reduced nausea

  • 94% of pregnant women reported reduced anxiety during pregnancy


2. Over 800 hospitals incorporate Reiki into their roster of patient services

  • They often use their own Reiki-trained physicians, nurses and support staff.


3. Mayo Clinic volunteer services offers Reiki for both hospital and clinic patients.

  • Patients are assessed for pain, nausea, anxiety, before and after receiving a Reiki session.


4. Reiki is offered in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center as a experiential educational experience.


5. Reiki was used in operating rooms as early as the mid-90’s


6. Reiki is listed in the Holistic Nursing "Scope and Standards of Practice" as an accepted form of care

7. At Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York

  • Reiki and other subtle energy techniques were used in the operating room during open heart surgeries and heart transplants

  • Of the 11 heart patients who received Reiki:None experienced the usual postoperative depression:

  • The bypass patients had no postoperative pain or leg weakness

  • The transplant patients experienced no organ rejection


8. A Reiki station was setup to treat fire fighters and first responders at Ground Zero during the efforts that followed after the 9/11 tragedy


9. Professional sports teams employ Reiki practitioners to help athletes recover more quickly from surgery and/or injuries and to enhance performance"


At Johns Hopkins Medicine, school of medicine, they offer their patients on site Reiki therapy performed by their very own Reiki practitioners.  Click here to read their informational page on Reiki:

Benefits of Reiki for Cancer Patients

A wonderful short video from two different cancer survivors discussing their experience with Reiki as a complimentary therapy to their medical cancer treatment therapies.  In their own words, they explain how Reiki helped them with managing their anxiety, fear, worry and pain.

Crystal Healing As It Relates To Cancer

Crystal healing can been used as a complimentary therapy to existing medical treatments for cancer.  Crystal healing can be performed in conjunction with Reiki treatments, and when done so actually helps to raise the energy vibration of the client. 


Crystals have an energy vibration all their own; a vibration that resonates and aligns with our own body's energy field and chakras.  The thought is, when disease invades our body it lowers our body's natural energy vibration and reduces our body's ability to help heal itself.  In turn having specific crystals within a person's bio-magnetic energy field is said to help restore that person's energy vibrations, resulting in expedited healing, pain relief, relaxation and a improved coping through a reduction of stress, anxiety, fear and worry.

Most of us, upon awakening, have a bio-magnetic field vibration of around 225 hertz (hz. is a unit that measures frequencies).  As our vibrational energy rises, you can see that it  is directly associated with positive emotions and feelings.  Generating high vibrational energies helps maintain your ability to cope, heal and have peace of mind.  It helps you deal with the stress and anxiety, fear and worry, that most cancer patients experience. 


As you can see the lower vibrational energies, those that are below our awakening 225 hz., are associated with anger, fear, grief and other negative emotions.  Vibrating at those lower energy levels does not promote good mental or physical health nor does it do anything to expedite healing. 


By increasing the vibrational energies of cancer patients, the patient is able to maintain a positive energy flow through their biological systems, enhancing self healing as a compliment to western medical treatments.   This is in line with the concept of "mind over matter".   If one is able to maintain a higher vibration, resulting in an improved mental outlook and an optimistic spirit, it will assist the cancer patient in coping and managing the mental and emotional challenges of dealing with cancer.


The above vibrational scale, is courtesy of Lisa Powers, Reiki Master & Teacher and founder of the International Reiki Organization.

In the world of crystal healing there are some common crystals used as complimentary tools to existing Western medical treatments.   In particular, these crystals are used to help increase the client's energy vibration to promote healing, relaxation and positive outlooks.  Keeping your spirits high and a positive outlook is critical when facing the challenges of dealing with a cancer diagnosis.


Some crystal healers encourage clients to place these crystals on the specific location or general area where the cancer is located.  Other crystal healers encourage clients to carry the crystals in a little sachet on their person or placed under their pillow at nighttime, ensuring the crystals' healing properties remain in the person's bio-magnetic energy field for maximum benefit.

From my research and training, here are some commonly used crystals that may be utilized as a complimentary therapy during traditional cancer treatment  (NOTE:  I could not find any scientific studies that could prove or disprove any of the crystal healing research I found):

Amber = Is said to reduce pain and negative energy, changing that energy into healing energy.  Amber is said to draw disease from the body and helps to rejuvenate cells and tissues expediting the body's ability to heal itself.    It is said that amber should be used when dealing with kidney, bladder and lymph node cancers.

Amethyst = It is said that amethyst is used to boost one's immune system, strengthens organ functionality, is a blood cleaner and can be used to dissipate pain.  It would be good as a complimentary crystal to other specific cancer "healing" crystals.  (I put "healing" in quotes as crystal therapy should never be used in isolation of modern medical treatments.  It is a complimentary therapy to aid in the psychological and physiological healing of the body).

Apatite = Is used in the healing of skin cancers.  It is thought that apatite removes toxic blockages from the pores of the skin, diminishing the chances of cancer spreading. 

Aventurine (Red) = assists in the area of fertility, reproductive organ issues, cancer (uterine, cervical, etc) and hormonal imbalances.

Blood Stone = It is said that blood stone is good in assisting the healing of blood related cancers like leukemia, skin cancers, bone cancer and all blood rich organs.  Some say, that over a period of time, blood stone can help shrink tumors.  Note: there is no scientific research to prove this claim, but with all things it is worth exploring.

Carnelian and Blood Stone in Combination = It is said that combining these two crystals helps in the complimentary healing of liver and kidney cancers.  The combination of these two crystals is said to transmute and cleanse negative energies.

Emerald = Emeralds are known for their detoxification properties.  Emeralds are know for helping to boost one's immune ssytem.  It is used as a complimentary therapy to help heal eye disorders and eye cancer.

Fluorite (Rainbow) = Is said to amplify the healing properties of other crystals

Hematite = It is said to be able to assist with brain tumors and brain cancer.  Some believe it helps to reduce the tumor growth and repair oneself at the cellular level.

Howlite = is said to increase one's vitality through the bones, helping one to defend and attack cancer cells.

Jade = Jade is said to help with the healing of the kidney, liver, prostrate and adrenal glands, all at the cellular level. 

Larimar = It is said that larimar may assist with cancers of the mouth, throat, head, neck, chest and exceptional for cancer that has invaded the lymph nodes and lymph system.  Some crystal healers believe that when larimar is placed on or around the point of pain, it can help to draw out and release that pain.

Malachite = It is said that malachite has properties that pinpoint tumors and growth, correcting and repairing the DNA and cellular structure that causes cancer.  It is a good overall crystal to use for all forms of cancer as it also helps enhance the immune system.

Petalite = is said to reduce tumors and help with healthy cell regeneration. 

Red Aventurine = Crystal healers use red aventurine to compliment modern medicine treatments of cancers of the abdomen.  It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and works on the organs, skin and tissue damaged by cancer.

Rhodonite = is a known as the "wound healing crystal" and is particularly beneficial for post operative patients. It is also said to aid in healing bone cancers and shrinking tumors. 

Rhodochrosite = Is used by crystal healers as a compliment treatment to lung cancer.  It is said to help shrink and slow the growth of lung cancer tumors.

Rose Quartz =is a crystal known for its healing properties of self-love and self-care.  It is said to be of particular assistance as a complimentary tool for addressing breast cancer. 

Selenite = is known for its purifying and cleansing properties.  It is said that selenite can wok the entire energy system, allowing restructuring and regeneration of cells.  It is said to aid in tumor reduction and physical healing.

Seraphinite = is thought to help with cancer healing at the cellular level.  It is a good overall crystal for complimenting existing cancer treatments.

Smoky Quartz = is known in the crystal healing community for its healing properties of the lower body, ovaries, abdomen and legs.  It is said to help with the treatment of radiation sickness and also post-chemotherapy treatments.  The darker the smoky quartz is, the more effective it is said to be.

Sugalite = is said to assist in balancing the mind, body and spirit by opening up the chakras to promote energy flow.  It is said to cleans and purify the body.  It is particularly helpful when working with pituitary gland issues.  It is said to relieve stress, assist with forgiveness and releasing any negative energy.

Tourmaline = is widely known in the crystal healing community for its properties of staving off negative energies and emotions.  Tourmaline comes in various colors:

  • Black Tourmaline = when placed directly over the site of the cancer, is said to help draw out he cancer and inhibit its growth

  • Bright Light Blue Tourmaline = is thought to be effective as a pulmonary healing crystal and can assist as a complimentary therapy for throat and esophagus cancers.

  • Dark Blue Tourmaline = is a rare crystal that is said to effect healing for brain tumors and brain cancers.  It is though when it is placed directly over the tumor it will draw out the energy of the cancer.  It can also be placed in water over night and then removed, drinking the elixir in the morning.

  • Brown Tourmaline = is said to be a general healer, especially at the cellular level.  It is said that brown tourmaline helps to regenerate healthy cells in the body.

  • Green Tourmaline = is known as a general healer as well.  It is used to help treat brain cancers and cancers of the thymus gland.  It is said to be a crystal that can active one's immune system.

  • Pink Tourmaline = Is said to be effective as a complimentary treatment for mouth cancer.  It is said to help reduce tumors and cancers in the mouth and throat.

Cancer Society recommends Reiki as a tool for managing stress and anxiety through the treatment process
The Mayo Clinic offers patients a listing of positive reasons cancer patients should add Reiki as a complimentary therapy to their existing medical treatment plan
Johns Hopkins offers their patients Reiki therapies and has onsite Reiki practitioners
Keeping your energy hertz reading above 150 hertz will help the body to balance.  Keeping it above 300 hertz will allow your body to heal naturally
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