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We Are All A 'Work In Progress'

We Are All a “Work in Progress”

We are all so hard on ourselves. Those undermining self talk messages we struggle with day in and day out. We silently question what we are doing, how we are doing, if we are doing it well enough, if we are good enough, if we are capable and so on. We allow little snippets of negative self talk to creep into our thinking, like “what were you thinking?”, “you couldn’t do this the last time, why do you think you can achieve it now?”, “you really don’t know what you are doing, do you?”.

You are not alone in this. Every single human being on this planet struggles with negative self talk. Many people feel they are not worthy of something in their lives. Based on one’s experience with relationships going badly, one might start to believe and think “I am not worthy of a loving, happy relationship; I am meant to live my life alone”. Maybe people have struggle with financial success, so there may be negative self talk around “I’m not worthy of abundance and wealth; I have to struggle every day just to get by”. While some may be working through illnesses or upsets, and develop negative self talk around “I will never be well enough to …… “ or “I am not worthy of good health because of all my past life choices; I must suffer to heal”. Others may feel they are being judged by everyone, and live in stress and anxiety, awaiting the next judgment. Our negative self talk might mimic the judgement from others.

This is just our human condition, and the negative self talk and limiting beliefs are engrained in us from our experiences through life or our programming from our parents, teachers or mentors. It does not mean that we have to live in this “yuck”. We have the power to shift and work through it all, one issue at a time, over time.

We are all works in progress. We are all working on some aspect of ourselves, at any given moment. We all have similar internal thoughts of what the “better me” will look like, feel like, act like, and embody. We all have inner children in us that need some level of healing. We all have had events in our lives that have caused some level of stress, upset or trauma, where we just didn’t know what to do in that moment. We are human. We are works in progress.

Some may strive to be better overall humans, more caring and compassionate towards others, regardless of their circumstance.

  • Some may strive to move out of their comfort zone, trying new things that may be challenging and scary at first.

  • Some may want to improve their physical wellness, committing to themselves they will start up that exercise routine.

  • Others may want to go deeper and get rid of limiting beliefs and negative thinking.

  • Some may want to improve a skill or a behaviour.

  • While others may want to work on following their hearts, listening to their hearts and aligning to their authentic path and purpose.

  • Some may want to work on letting go of fear and the need to control things out of fear; letting go of the fear of judgment, the fear of failure, the fear of not being enough.

  • Some may strive to be stronger in their convictions and get more involved in life.

  • Yet others want to improve their spirituality and their overall mental wellbeing.

Everyone is working on something. Everyone is trying to become better than they are in the moment. We are all works in progress. Working on our own self development seems purposeful and interesting.

So, my message to you today is “Give yourself a break; Cut yourself some slack”.

Recognize and honor how far you have actually come. Recognize all that you have already worked through and achieved. Recognize that every day is a new day for learning and growth.

No one wakes up in the morning “whole and clear” without any issues to work through. We are on this planet, having varied experiences for our learning and growth. When those experiences are challenging we have resistance sometimes to work through them, so they continue to repeat and recycle themselves until we are at a point in our life where we are ready to face, process and let go of the negative beliefs and self talk that was created by challenging experiences in our past.

When we think of things in the “now” we relate and compare them to similar things, events, and situations in the past. We formulate how things will unravel and unfold, based on our past experiences. We do not think in sense of the present moment. We forecast a future outcome, based on an experience.

The key is to try your best to stay in the present. To allow yourself permission, time, and space to process and grow and heal. To allow yourself permission to take as much time as you need to process and heal.

Some experiences in life take longer to process and heal from, like grief or a critical illness that has knocked you to your core. Honor the process. Honor your feelings. Honor your needs. Put your needs first as you heal and grow.

We are all a “work in process” until we die. We learn every day. We grow every day. We heal every day.

So, cut yourself some slack; give yourself a break. Be proud of who you are becoming through your varied experiences, learning and growth spurts. Be happy that you are putting yourself first and honor your process, whatever that looks like for you.

And remember, every single human being on this planet has the same thoughts, feelings, emotions and varied experiences helping them to learn and grow and heal.

So, while you are cutting yourself some slack and giving yourself a break; try extending that same level of compassion to others. For those people that offend you, or trigger you in some way or annoy you, remember they too are a work in progress trying their best to learn, heal and grow. We are truly all in this life together, learning from one another through the varied experiences we share.

Love yourself as you work through your own processes; and extend that love to those around you experiencing the same thing, in a different way. We are all connected in higher ways than we tend to think. We are all raising the compassion of our world, by starting to examine and heal our own wounds and upsets.

Keep being the best you can be everyday, regardless of what that looks like day to day.

You got this!!

Much love .... laurie

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