Awaken Your Potential
A 10 Week Self Paced Training and Coaching Program & One Year Full Access To The Awaken Your Superpower App
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Hey, it's Laurie here… 👋

And, while I don't claim to know it all, I HAVE helped literally hundreds of people transform their body, mind and spirit through self-awareness, self-acceptance, removing limiting beliefs, decluttering their life, and aligning their hearts and minds. I have helped hundreds of people connect the dots to what is happening in their life, in their body and in their energy layers; so they can let go of what is no longer serving their best interest.  I have taught people how to use their own energy bodies to help start healing themselves on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Now, through the Awaken Your Potential Training and Coaching Program I can help people transform their lives and set realistic goals to keep improving and, develop actionable strategies that fit into their lifestyle routines. 

Let me share a road map, to help you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to the best YOU that you can be proud of.  Let me help you transform your life into the life you dream of living, your best life.


Let me share with you what I have shared with many others in workshops and in person.  Let me show you what I have learned through my life and years of practice, that I apply to my own life every day. I will help you develop practices and routines that resonate with you, helping to achieve more physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.  Through my program we will work through self-doubt, establish positive routines for self-care and over time, work on shifting limiting beliefs that are holding us back from living our best life.  We will explore decluttering life, our mind, body, spirit and space. We will practice connecting the heart and mind so they function as one, moving forward. We will work through how to stand in your own power, while letting go of control and trusting yourself and the universe. We will explore things to know for successful communication including communication styles, learning preferences, body language and personality preferences.  We will wrap up the training with a module on how to manifest the goals, hopes and dreams you want to see in your life, and a module on goal setting. 

I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me asking for my help on similar areas of their lives.  People were asking me the same questions over and over.  As there was so many, so often, I wrote a book and I built an app.  Now I’m looking for other ways to help people, that combines one-on-one coaching with training and tools for self-discovery, and self-healing.


So I had this crazy idea to build a step by step plan that will guide people from being overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, no time for self-care and wanting to change their life kind of person, to an empowered, energized, happy and balanced person, on the road to living their best life.  By using new learnings and practices throughout the day, in the 10 Week ‘Awaken Your Potential Training & Coaching Program’ one will start to shift into a new path. I have already run this program through a testing pilot, and the feedback has been great. 


What People Are Saying About This Self-Paced Program and APP:


“This has been life changing for me.”

“Laurie has put her heart and soul into this and it shows!”

“This program has brought the awareness of where I am currently at, and where I truly want to be.”

“It has helped me understand my limiting beliefs, some of which I didn’t even realize I had.”

“This program has helped me so much along my self-healing journey.”

“I see my worth and value, and now feel that I have the courage to set healthy boundaries and put my needs ahead of the needs of others.”

“It has helped me connect to and start listening and following my heart”

“I really enjoyed the energy exercises, especially the ones with the drumming”

“I stepped out of my comfort zone and really examined my life.  This program has helped me identify what is important to me, what I need to work on and that I am putting expectations on myself that aren’t even mine!”

“I really liked the feeling of the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowl sound healing, going through my body”

What you will receive during the 10 week 'Awaken Your Potential' Training & Coaching Program:

Week 1 = Master Self Love, Care and Acceptance

Week 2 = Develop a Heart Centered Approach By Aligning Your Heart and Mind

Week 3 = Identify and Conquer Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self Talk Holding You Back

Week 4 = Master Standing in Your Personal Power

Week 5 = Catch Up Week


Week 6 = Learn to Declutter Your Space, Mind, Body and Spirit

Week 7 = Successful Communication (people, intuition, guides)

Week 8 = Let Go of Fear and Control ! TRUST !

Week 9 = Manifest the Changes You Want to See in Your Life

Week 10 = SMART Goal Setting and One on One Coaching Call Via Zoom

Bonus Offerings:

Included in the 10 week "Awaken Your Potential" Training & Coaching Program, you will also receive:

  • Two One-on-One Progress Check In Calls Via Zoom, To Help Hold You Accountable
  • Weekly Group Check In Calls Via Zoom, Where You Can Share, Support and Be Supported
  • 1 Year Free Access To the Awaken Your Powers App Including: 14 Day Spiritual Practice Challenge,Meditations,Emotional Freedom Tapping Exercises, Courses, Quizzes and more.
  • Access to the Awaken Your Potential Facebook Group
  • Awaken Your Potential 10 Week Coaching Program Journal

Did I Mention The Guarantee?


30 Day Money Back Guarantee !!!  If after 30 days, having gone through at least 4 weeks of the ‘Awaken Your Potential’ Training & Coaching Program, the 14 Day Spiritual Practice Challenge, the meditations, energy exercises, and workshops within the app, and you don't notice your life improving in either the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual aspects, we will refund your money within the first 30 days. No questions asked. 


No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from emotional, physical and mental stress and exhaustion to centered, calm, grounded with clear direction and achievable goals. 


Initially I offered this package to my clients and subscribers and was sold out in under 5 days!! I am now running another offering.

The next offering of this 10 week life altering Awaken Your Potential Training and Coaching program will be January 1, 2023.


The program follows simple step by step processes, broken down into modules.  Each week a new lesson plan is opened which builds on the lessons from the previous week.


The program has intuitive processes that begin with self-discovery, aligning the heart with the mind, conquering limiting beliefs that are holding one back and learning how to take your power back.  Then we explore how to declutter all areas of your life, use successful communication practices, learning to let go of fear and control and start manifesting the changes in life that are desired. 


The best part is, I’m offering a HUGE discount on account of our current inflation situation!


If I were to sell the ‘Awaken Your Potential’ Training & Coaching program, and all the courses on the ‘Awaken Your Superpower’ app, and the 14 day Spiritual Practice Challenge, the meditations, courses, workshops, EFT tappings, quizzes and sound healings, along with ongoing additional content being added over the first year, it would equate to over $1177.00


But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…


I’m looking for 20 Members, who I can work with closely over the next 10 weeks to get them incredible results.


I’m looking for a feedback loop, with suggestions on how to improve the program.


I’m looking for future testimonials of the ‘Awaken Your Potential’ program!


All I need from you is $497.00 to join.  That equates to 58% savings of what would costs if the courses, workshops, programs, meditations and challenges are purchased separately. Plus you get 1 year FREE access to the new app Awaken Your Superpowers available on Apple Istore, Google Play Store and the Web. BUT WAIT!!!  If you register by December 5, 2022 you will get $100 off = you will only pay $397 for this amazing offer!!