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Awakening The Energy Within

Every single person on this planet, has the intuitive ability to connect, heal, align, and change their world.  It is a matter of being the observer and listening for, and acting on, what you need as you need it.  This is part of ‘awakening’ to your own energy, the power of this energy and becoming more energy aware and aligned. 

There are many processes and techniques that work both on their own or in combination with other modalities and practices, to help you open, align, balance, and heal.  We will explore some of them here to help support your Awakening journey.


Exercise:  Send Energy to Your Hands


Try starting to connect to the energy within you.

·         First, close your eyes and turn your palms face up in the air.

·         Then say out loud ‘energy to my hands’ three time and then just focus and imagine energy flowing down your arms and to your hands.


Just having the thought of intention, to send energy to your hands, ramps up the flow of energy in your body. When you concentrate and visualize energy flowing to your hands, after a minute or two, your hands may start to tingle. For some it takes a bit longer; but on average, after a minute or two you should feel some of the energy starting to flow.

Becoming aware of your own energy is important, enabling you to observe and note your own energetic body’s reactions to situations, decisions, illnesses and so much more.  Having the awareness of your own life force energy will help you to be more aware of your environment’s energy.  Not just in nature, but, in your living space, your workspace, in the grocery store, when you entertain friends or when you are sitting quietly all alone reading a book. Being the observer, taking note when the energy shifts and when it feels good and when it does not, will help you navigate through life. Being able to sense and feel the fluctuation in energy will help you to connect the dots, learning what energy feels like unique to you in different situations and with different people.

When you are aware of how you feel when things are good, safe, strong, and healthy, you will have a comparative when they are not that way.  It is like a guidance system for health, abundance, decisions, connection and so much more.

Life Force Energy


Life force energy, also referred to as subtle energy or chi in some circles, is the energy that flows through all life. Everything that is alive, has life force energy in it.

Everyone feels their own life force energy in their own way. Some people feel a whoosh come over them. Some people get goosebumps and can feel it vibrating in their arms or legs. Others may feel it only in their feet or the top of their head.  Some may experience either hot or cold. There is no right or wrong way, to feel your own life fore energy. Each person feels the sensation of the energy running through them, uniquely to them. The next exercise helps you to connect and feel, your normal sitting energy vibration and your ramped up flowing life force energy vibration. 


Exercise: Connect to Your Life Force Energy 

 ·         Hold your hands out in the air, palms up.  What do you feel?  You might feel light tingling or warmth or maybe nothing at all.   That is your ‘norm’ energy measurement for this point in time. 


·         Now make a fist with both hands.  Turn your hands towards each other and rub your fingernails and knuckles together for about twenty seconds.  Breath slowly, releasing stress on the exhale. Now hold your hands out in the air, palms up.  What do you feel?  You probably feel a lot of tingling or warmth coming from your hands. 


·         Now rub your palms together for about fifteen seconds, then hold your hands out in the air, palms up.  What do feel?  Your hands might feel very tingly, maybe more than you have felt yet.  You may also feel tingling in your feet or arms.

This is the life force energy that naturally runs through you. 

Energy Fluctuations


Within our own vibration we have fluctuations. For example, when a person opens to negative emotions their energy drops significantly. When a person opens to positive emotions their energy rises. When we are happy, we are vibrating higher than when we are sad and depressed. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we have more energy and joy. When we are vibrating at a lower frequency, we have less energy and less motivation to act.

If we spend extended periods of time in the lower energy emotions our body gets stressed. When the body experiences chronic stress and upset, cortisol is produced. Normal levels of cortisol in our body produce calcium and is an important function for our overall wellbeing.  However, when we have too much stress in our lives, and produce too much cortisol it creates an over abundance of calcium.  Too much calcium breaks down our DNA at the cellular level.

When our DNA breaks down, the fastest and best way to repair it is by increasing the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin. Any activity that creates joy, happiness and bliss will help you to increase your Dopamine and Serotonin levels, and in turn, help you to start repairing damaged DNA cells at the cellular level.  Once the DNA is repaired at a cellular level, it reproduces healthy and strong DNA cells, helping you to repair and heal.

The diagram below shows the frequency of neutrality, as well as fluctuations up and down related to emotional states.  Neutrality is an energetic state that is neither helpful nor harmful. Staying above neutrality will help to increase your levels of Dopamine and Serotonin. Dropping below neutrality for periods of time will further deteriorate your cells creating illness, degeneration and disease.


It is reasonable to conclude then, that if a person was able to stay in the higher frequency emotions, above neutrality, producing Serotonin and Dopamine, one might experience a higher level of health and wellness.

The Energy of Others


Most of us at one time or another have felt the energy of others, even if we did not recognize it as energy in that moment.  We all have met one of those super happy, loving, and joyful people in life.  They are emitting a high frequency of positive energy and just by being in their space, you cannot help but feel a shift of the energy inside yourself.  You are left feeling more joyful and positive. 

The opposite is also true. We can often sense or feel when someone is angry or upset, which may impact us in a different way. We may find our mood changes and we become impatient or frustrated because of the energy the other person is emitting.

Physicists can now measure a person’s energy field, also known as a biofield or auric field, as far as nine feet in circumference. Scientists hypothesize that a person’s energy field goes out much farther than nine feet. That means the energy we naturally resonate, at any given time, in any given emotional state, can be sensed by others in our energy field, just as we can sense their energy in ours.  In a few more years, I bet scientists will be able to measure a person’s field even further.

As the energy changes around us, we can observe our own biofield energy fluctuations to give us a knowing about other people’s energies.  We can sense other people’s vibrations (high or low) by observing the energetic changes within ourselves.  Observing a drop in energy or a knowing that something is ‘off’ forms part of your energetic guidance system.

This is one of our greatest superpowers. We all have it.  We all use it without even being aware we are using it.  The key is to start being the observer, so you can start becoming aware of it.


When you become aware of the energy within you and how that feels, unique to you. You then become aware of the energy around you. You become aware and can sense the energy of others. They may say "I'm fine" but you may sense fear or upset or anger. This is a superpower that we all have. Practice connecting to and sensing your own energy and the life force energy, learning what it feels like to you when you are happy or sad. Then expand out and try and sense the energy of others, knowing clearly what your own energy feels like. When you begin to do this, you develop discernment on how to use the ability to feel your own energy, and the energy of others, as a guide for when to act, when to retreat; when to speak and when not to speak. It becomes a tool to help you navigate your world at the energetic level.

Give it a try and see if you don't already, intuitively, know this but just have not really been aware of it, or how to express it. Start using your own energy as a guide for what feels right to you and what doesn't. Listen to that internal guidance we all have and act on it. If something doesn't feel right and the energy flow doesn't feel right; it isn't. Use this as a tool to navigate through life.

Thanks for listening.




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