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Crystal Toxicity - Be Informed - Be Aware - Be Safe!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Crystals, Gems, Minerals, Rocks, Stones, Aggregate, Fossils... whatever you call them, they are powerful elements from Mother Earth herself! In my Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher certification course I share with my students information about toxic crystals, their safe handling, safe uses and how to protect yourself when using toxic crystals. This blog today will be just a brief overview of the toxic crystals with which you should always use caution.

Crystals are used in healing, energy alignment, promoting abundance, for clearing, cleansing, protection and purification, and so much more! They have similar elemental properties as our own bodies; as well as similar vibrations as various components that make up our physical bodies (organs, bones, muscles, biological systems, neurites, neurons, etc.).

Crystals are used a lot in healing, due to their unique vibrations that match our own systems. Some crystals are programmable, and can be used to direct energies to a certain point/place.

Some people use crystals in water elixirs (be careful with that). While others put them under their pillow to reap their benefits as they sleep. Some wear them around their necks on their skin (be careful which crystals you choose to do this with) Others place crystals around and throughout their home to raise the positive vibration, clear and cleanse. Some put crystals in all four corners of their home for ongoing protection and purification. I have heard of people putting crystals under their floor boards and in their walls of their house to ensure protection and good vibrations. Crystals have a multitude of uses!

When considering working with crystals, it is not as easy as "pick a pretty rock and off you go". You will want to think about what are you using the crystals for? Will you be handling the crystals for a short time, a long time? What is the toxicity level of the crystal you are using? Using a crystal as a display or in a Reiki crystal grid is a completely different level of exposure than if you were to wear that crystals, or put it in an elixir and drink the water. NOTE: Under no circumstances should you ever use crystals on the "Cautionary Crystal List" in water elixirs, nor should you put them in your mouth for any reason.

Understanding which crystal properties are harmful, and which ones are not, will help you discern how best to handle the crystals. It will also help you in determining how best to use those crystals.

Crystals have different crystalline structures, and thus their toxicity levels vary with the different crystalline structures even if the toxin is the same as in other crystals. What I mean by that, is if you have a very porous crystal, there will be more points of exposure. If you have a very flaky crystal (like a shale or kyanite) the flakes that come off increase your exposure. If you have a rough natural crystal you will have a higher toxicity level than if you have a tumbled, polished, sealed one. If you have a crystal that erodes with use (desert rose, kyanite, sand stone, etc.) the natural wearing down process leaves the crystal residue behind, releasing toxins with every use. Some elements and metals increase in toxicity with use, such as mercury, releasing more and more mercury with every use.

Some crystals are artificially dyed or radiated, and can emit radioactive energies that could prove harmful. Some crystals emit gases that you need to be aware of such as radon.

Crystals are amazing and when handled correctly, and safely, they can provide an abundance of healing, protective and cleansing energies. So do not be afraid of using crystals, be aware - be knowledgeable - be informed!!

When in Doubt:

There are a lot of different web sites with lots of information on the toxicity of crystals. I would recommend that before you decide to use a crystal on your person google it for the most updated toxicity information on it (especially if it is touching your skin or you are using it in an elixir). Be informed!

I would also recommend, when you are purchasing crystals if you are not sure of their toxicity level, ALWAYS choose a crystal that has been tumbled and highly polished as any toxicity would be sealed and less likely to leach out during handling.

Laur's Cautionary Crystal List

NOTE: Always wash your hands with cold water (keeps your pores closed) after handling any of these crystals. Never ingest, inhale or consume elixirs made from any of these crystals

Actinolite – May contain asbestos. Not recommended for elixirs

Adamite – Contains arsenic and some copper

Ajoite – Contains aluminum and copper

Alexandrite – Contains aluminum

Amazonite – Contains copper

Amber - Contains toxic dust, fumes, possibly trapped bacteria or virii, possible ingestive toxicity

Angelite - Contains Lead and Sulphur

Anthophyllite - asbestos

Aquamarine – Contains aluminum

Aragonite - sometimes contains lead

Atacamite – Contains copper

Auricalcite – Contains zinc and copper

Azurite – Contains copper

Beryl Group – These crystals contain aluminum

  • Bixbite

  • Emerald

  • Aquamarine

  • Goshenite

  • Heliodor

  • Morganite

Black Tourmaline – Contains aluminum

Boji-stones (aka Moqui Balls,Shaman Stone, Shamanic Star Stone) – Contains some sulphur, Pyrite and/or marcasite

Bronchantite – Contains copper

Cavansite – Contains copper

Celestite – Contains strontium and aluminum

Chalcantite – Contains copper

Chalcopyrite (peacock stone) – Contains copper and sulphur

Chrysocolla – Contains copper

Chrysoprase - Contains nickel

Cinnabar – Contains mercury (VERY TOXIC)

Conicalcite – Contians copper

Copper – Poisonous

Covellite – Contains copper and sulphur

Crocidolite - Contains asbestos

Cuprite – Contains copper

Dioptase – Contains copper

Dumortierite – Contains aluminum

Emerald – Contains aluminum

Feldspar - Contains aluminum

Fluorite – Contains fluorine, source of dangerous gas hydrofluoride

Garnet (Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite,

Rhodolite,Hessonite) – Contains aluminum

Gem Silica – Contains copper

Galena – Contains lead

Garnierite (aka Falcondoite) – Contains nickel

Hematite – Will rust (high iron), but not toxic

Howlite - boron, boron oxide, borate

Iolite – Contains aluminum

Jade (Jadeite) - Contains aluminum, iron

Jade (Nephrite) - Contains aluminum, iron, titanium

Kambaba Jasper - Contains cyanobacteria and possible cyanotoxins

Kansas Pop Rocks - may contain sulphur

Kunzite – Contains aluminum

Labradorite – Contains aluminum

Lapis Lazuli – Contains pyrite, copper and sulphur

Lepidolite – Contains aluminum

Magnetite – Will rust, but not toxic

Malachite – Contains copper

Markasite – Contains sulphur

Mohawkite – Contains copper and Arsenic

Moldavite – Contains aluminum oxide

Moonstone – Contains aluminum

Morganite – Contains aluminum

Ocean Jasper - Contains iron

Opal - Contains toxic dust for inhalation (pipes)

Pietersite – The fibrous form contains asbestos

Prehnite – Contains aluminum

Psiomelan – Contains barium

Pyrite – Contains sulphur (when mixed with water makes sulphuric acid)

Quartz (all types) - Contains toxic dust for inhalation (pipes)

Realgar – Contains sulphur and arsenic

Rhodocrosite (Rhodochrosite) - Contains lead

Rose Quartz - Contains iron / titanium

Ruby – Contains aluminum

Sapphire – Contains aluminum

Selenite – Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water

Serpentine – Fibrous form contains asbestos

Smithsonite – May contain copper

Sodalite – Contains aluminum

Spinel – Contains aluminum

Spodumene (aka Kunzite) – Contains aluminum

Staurolite – Contains aluminum

Stibnite – Contains lead and antimony

Stilbite – Contains aluminum

Sugilite – Contains aluminum

Sulfur – Poisonous

Sunstone – Contains aluminum

Tanzanite –Gem variety of Zoisite. – Contains aluminum

Tiger Eye – Fibrous form contains asbestos (Very Toxic)

Topaz – Contains aluminum

Torbenite – Radioactive

Tourmaline – Contains aluminum

Tremolite – May contain asbestos

Turquoise – Contains copper and aluminum

Unakite - Contains aluminum and iron

Vanadinite – Contains vanadium

Variscite – Contains aluminum

Vesuvianite – Contains aluminum

Wavellite – Contains aluminum

Wulfenite – Contains lead and molybdenum

Zircon – Contains zirconium, radioactive

Zoisite – Contains aluminum

Radioactivity Concerns

Some forms of granite emit radon from the decay of Uranium. This is low risk.

Radioactive Gems. Artificially irradiated crystals, gems or stones may be radioactive. Try to steer clear of the following:

  • Very deeply pigmented topaz

  • Artificially dark (almost black) smokey quartz – not Morion Quartz

  • Pink or red tourmaline

  • Deeply colored crystals

  • Colored Diamonds

  • Treated Kunzite

  • Cultured Pearls

Well there you have it! My ongoing list of crystals I recommend all my students to be cautious when handling. Do not be afraid of your crystals' toxicity, just learn how best to handle them.

For more information on crystals and their healing properties visit then click on the "Crystals" tab.

Want even more? Sign up for my next Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification training (Reiki Level 1 is a prerequisite) and learn about crystalline structures, safe handling processes, how to best select crystals that will work with you, how to cleanse your crystals, how to charge your crystals, how to use & activate crystal grids, how to program your crystals and soooo much more!! You can check out all the training on

Thanks for listening... Namaste

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Owner Harmony Hands Energy Healing

FB: @HarmonyHandsEnergyHealing


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