Incorporating A Spiritual Practice Into Your Busy Day

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

What is a spiritual practice?

You will find many different definitions and interpretations when you research the meaning of spirituality and spiritual practice; but to me, a spiritual practice enables me to connect to the life force energy / universal consciousness in all things, from trees to the birds, wind to the waves, crystals to fire, man to insect, etc. It is the feeling of appreciation, love and gratitude for all the blessings in my life and the knowing and trust I have in my heart, that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold, for my highest and greatest good. Spirituality to me, is also about my connection to the earth, my angels, guides and God; while I enhance my understanding of the unity in all things.

When I was working full time in the world of government operations, I struggled to find the time or the energy to even contemplate a spiritual practice, let alone develop one. About 1.5 years before I decided to quit my government job, I developed a 5-pound tumor from stress. The tumor was impeding my physical quality and enjoyment of life, and it had to come out.

Over the days immediately following my surgery, as I was laying in the quietness of the hospital room, I started to understand that I needed to change my approach to life, in a big way and now! I couldn’t keep doing the same things as I had done before, and expect a different outcome. The 5-pound tumor was my wake-up call! And I answered!

I began to see that by incorporating some type of a spiritual practice in my day, how it would help me to stay grounded, stay connected to what was important to me, help me make decisions that align with my heart’s desires, help me cope better with all the challenges work & life brought as well as providing me with the tools I needed to change my current situation and reality. There was no longer an option. I needed to incorporate some connective strategies into my busy life.

At that time, my vision of a spiritual practice consisted of deep meditation in the lotus position, teaching and training my mind to be quiet….. sigh, like that was going to happen in the state I was in. I thought that it might involve bringing in religious practices; but that didn’t feel right either. Maybe spirituality involved deep devotion and prayer. Maybe it meant going away on some spiritual retreat to get connected to your spirituality, giving it a jump start! I needed to figure out what it meant to me; what resonated with me and what was I willing to incorporate into my daily routine.

While I laid there thinking about what a spiritual practice might look like, I realized that a spiritual practice doesn’t have to involve hours and hours of meditation or quiet reflection, costly retreats abroad or religious practices. I realized a spiritual practice, was just that – a practice. I was going to be practicing how to incorporate being a spiritually connected, present in the moment and aware of my surroundings, throughout my day.

When I shifted my thinking around what a spiritual practice might look like, I was able to more readily adapt and incorporate steps every day in my life to enhance and practice my spirituality. I developed a few different options that I could apply, as I felt, for enhancing my spiritual practice every day.

The options I created for myself were NOT meant to be done all in one day; but rather I used them as a menu, from which to select what I felt would work for me in that moment. So have a look and see if there aren’t a couple of things you could try to incorporate, to bring a spiritual practice into your day:


I have come to learn that grounding is step #1 to pretty much every other spiritual practice I do. Grounding helps to calm the body, reduce the inflammation, relax the mind and connect one with the negative charge of the earth. We need this connection to help balance and bring harmony to our physical bodies.

Options for Grounding:

  • Walk in nature, rain or shine

  • Drink lots of water

  • Garden

  • Immerse yourself in salt water (Epsom salt or Himalayan salt baths; the ocean are all great)

  • Meditate

  • Visualize growing roots

  • Stand outside in your bare feet or sock feet for 10 – 15 mins

  • Tai chi, Tai chi Qigong, Yoga

  • Any form of exercise that you can do outside

  • Hug a tree

  • Deep breathing to pull up the earth’s energy through your breath

  • Sleep well

  • Magnets on the bottoms of your feet

  • Tapping

Self Care

For me part of a spiritual practice is caring for my own spirit. It means doing things that bring me comfort, joy, peace and contentment. Self Care involves:

  • Sing or Dance

  • Laugh and Play

  • Spend Time with Friends or Family

  • Drum and Fill Your Being With Music

  • Spend Time in Nature

  • Hang Out With High Vibrational People

  • Align With Like-Minded People for Support

  • Pray,

  • Connect,

  • Meditate

  • Rest, Hydrate, Relax

  • Create Something

  • Repeat Positive Affirmations

  • Give Yourself Permission & Time to Process

  • Listen and Act on Your Inner Knowing

Energizing Exercises

There are numerous energy exercises that are 5 – 20 mins long. So, depending on the time crunch, you can choose. YouTube has a lot of options for yoga, tai chi, Tai chi Qigong, energy exercises, meridian tracing, etc.