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Anti-Cancer Plan In Action

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I have been waiting to share this in a more permanent, more public way until I had more evidence to prove my findings. Recently I have had a lot of signs that I should be sharing this plan more readily with people. I have had a lot of requests from people asking for a copy of it and asking questions about how to find the supplies I use. So I thought I would share this with you now.

You will find a summary of some of the clients who have been on part or all of the plan, and how they were able to heal themselves from within. You will find information and tools you can use, for free to help with this terrible disease. You will also find the entire plan including a listing of where you can get the different components of the plan.

Even though I have a strong background in Industrial First Aid, health and nutrition I am NOT a Medical Doctor, and do not claim to be.

I have a strong background in nutrition because I had to learn to survive in a processed food world, while being allergic to everything in it. I am allergic to all processed food, dyed food or any type of “long life food”. I have had to find alternative foods, all-natural foods, that I make from scratch in order to sustain a level of wellness. Through this process I have become extremely knowledgeable about the properties and nutrients in our food.

Along my research path, I discovered the benefits of different types of food, how they positively impact our bodies, and how they can even be used to help heal different types of ailments. I stumbled across many research sites that listed various foods to help with various types of ailments and diseases; but especially cancers.

One of my favorite sites is

Chris beat cancer by changing his life style and his diet. He shocked his body into wellness.

On his site you will find cancer fighting foods, natural remedies, lots of science and information to help you understand and process how you can help your body regenerate good cell structures.

Great video from Chris on his own story, how he healed himself:

His words of “shocking the body into wellness” really resonated with me. My life purpose is to be in the energy healing field, helping people learn how to heal themselves from the inside out, on a cellular level. I have the gift of “knowing” where I intuitively am able to “know” what will help another person. Through this “knowing” I have been able to help several clients with cancer and develop an Anti-Cancer Plan. Shocking the body into wellness was what I was already helping people to do. This fit with how my "knowing" was discovering areas where people could improve their health and wellness by simple dietary changes.

When cancer patients come to see me, a lot of times (not always, but a lot of the time) it is because they have no more options left. Many times Drs have told them “there is nothing left we can do, so go home and put your affairs in order”… never the conversation you want to have, ever!! They may have a friend that suggests it or they see an ad on Facebook. Either way, they feel that the traditional medical system has tried without success, maybe energy medicine might help.

When a cancer client comes to see me, I focus on the whole-body healing; not just the cancer. You see most of the time, in my experience thus far, cancer starts with an upset of some sort in the body; there is a starting point. That upset then leads to changes in one’s life that ripple into a period where there is a lack of self care at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. That might mean:

  • One is not speaking one’s truth, forcing it down and never processing it,

  • One is not following one’s beliefs and values,

  • One lives in a world that is hostile, difficult and hard on the nerves,

  • There is a lot of stress in one’s life, and one’s coping skills are self-harming (drinking, drugs, emotionally eating, purging, etc.),

  • There is a lot of drama in one’s life; regardlesss of who it belongs to,

  • One is not aligned with one’s heart’s desires, swimming upstream against one’s authentic life path,

  • There is a lot of negative emotions (anger, fear, worry, judgment, jealousy, sorrow, grief, betrayal, frustration, impatience, etc.),

  • There is a lot of negative programming and negative self talk,

  • One’s diet is high in sugar, fat and processed foods,

  • One consumes a lot of alcohol or drugs (recreational, prescription),

  • One does not do healthy activities, (walking, biking, hiking, jogging, swimming, etc)

  • One allows oneself to wallow and remain stuck in the negative energies of despair, hopelessness, defeat, victim mentality, etc.

  • One may feel that one’s God, Great Creator, Great Spirit has left them,

  • One may no longer trust that everything is happening for their greatest and highest good; maybe a lesson one needs to learn.

  • One may be filling their life with “busy” so they no longer have quiet reflection time needed to process deeply seeded emotions.

  • One may have very poor mental wellness due to not being able to quiet the mind, and rest properly in the evenings.

Self care means many different things, to many different people. Without it, ailments and problems manifest in different areas of one’s life. The main point here is, there is some sort of an unresolved upset that has triggered events that have led to the degeneration of healthy habits and routines, healthy food choices and mental wellness activities. It is a spiraling effect.

When cancer clients come they are usually spiraling, either from their lifestyle or the recently understood news of their mortality or from the illness itself. We work together developing a plan that fits their beliefs, lifestyle and change capability at that moment in time. Here are a few examples of the clients that have been "shocked into wellness":

My first Cancer Client - Susan

Susan (a pseudo name to protect privacy) had a rare and terminal blood cancer. It was so rare, that Drs were struggling with the best approach for treatment. As a compliment to the modern medicine, we started her on a Chaga tincture; something that is used in Russia, China and Korea in oncology to shrink tumors. We also ensured she was neutralizing the alkalinity in her body via “alkaline recipe water”. She changed her diet, cutting out red meat and fermented foods that increased the acidity in her body. She chose to eat whole foods, more fruits & vegetables and changed her stressful lifestyle to incorporate more reflective quiet time. She took freeze dried organic fruit & vegetable supplements, equating to 40 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Susan took on the task of shocking her body into wellness. Within 2.5 short months, Susan’s cancer was so small it became immeasurable. The Drs were shocked! She was told that whatever she is doing, keep doing it. To this day, she remains cancer free.

2nd Cancer Client - Jennifer

This lady, we will call Jennifer to protect her privacy, had ovarian cancer that had metastasized into her liver. She was told she was terminal and the Dr’s best guess, was that she had up to 3 months more to live. She had taken self healing modalities and was familiar with energy work. She decided to start her own self Reiki energy healing on herself daily. She also took freeze dried organic fruit and vegetable supplements every day; as well as changing her diet to eliminate red meat, sugar, fermented and processed foods. She took the Chaga tincture every day as well as working on changing the alkalinity in her body.

In 2 short months, Jennifer was feeling incredible. She returned to the Dr who had given her the terminal diagnosis. She asked to be tested again, as she had made some serious life style and dietary changes, and was feeling incredibly well. The Dr entertained her request, and to their surprise found that she too had cancer markers so low, they had become immeasurable. The Dr told her whatever she is doing keep doing it.

3rd Cancer Client - Tony

This elderly man, we will call him Tony to protect his privacy, was diagnosed with bladder cancer that metastasized into terminal bone cancer. Tony got bladder cancer the year before and had gone through 3 different surgeries removing tumors each time. On his last surgery the Drs noticed something different in the blood work. After a week in the hospital going through more tests, it was confirmed that the bladder cancer had metastasized into his bones. He had terminal bone cancer. The Drs did not know how much time he had left; but that he should go home and get his affairs in order.

I was called up to the hospital, about an hour after Tony had received the news. When I arrived, Tony was off in another place, looking very peaceful. When he realized I was there we had a good serious talk. He was a smoker. Someone who had never eaten well or nutritiously. Someone who kept a lot of his upset deep deep inside, never speaking his truth unless it was in anger. I talked to him about what he wanted with the rest of his days. He listed more things to do than I suspected the Drs thought he had. I talked frankly with him, asking him if he wanted to live. He did. I told him then I would help him. I told him about the anti-cancer plan.

We started Tony on the anti-cancer plan the very next day. We had him taking freeze dried organic supplements, 1 apricot kernel per day (B17 vitamin in natural form), alkaline water to give him a neutral PH balance in his body, acai berry juice, chaga, a couple drops of CBD oil and Reiki. We started this plan at the end of April 2018. By the end of June, Tony had received the news that his cancer was gone. He didn’t believe it and went to another Dr. He got the same report back, his cancer was so small it was immeasurable. For all intense and purposes, it was gone. He still didn’t believe the blood work results from those two Drs, so he went to a third Dr. He got the same answer; his cancer was gone.

4th Cancer Client - Tiffany

This lady we will call Tiffany to protect her identity. She is a lady with 2 different types of cancers. She had a rare blood cancer and lymphoma a lymphatic cancer. She too has had to shock her body into wellness based on the lack of self care she had shown herself to date. She started with freeze dried organic fruit and vegetable supplements, along with the Chaga tincture. She introduced alkaline water to improve her body’s overall PH balance. She changed her diet, reducing red meat, alcohol and processed food consumption. She also kept up her Reiki treatments to help release the emotional upset and physical blocks.

To this day her cancer is reducing and clearing out of her body. She has complex cancer and is showing amazingly positive results. She is not out of the clear yet and continues to show amazing progress.

5th Cancer Client - Grace

Grace is a 89 year old lady who has been dealing with colon cancer that had metastasized into her adrenal glands. She was tired all the time, couldn’t keep any food down, was in a lot of pain and was losing weight rapidly. To top it off she also had internal bleeding at the point of her tumor as well as the onset of dementia. While waiting for the oncologist appointment to discuss the best course of action, we started Grace on the anti-cancer plan. She started with freeze dried fruits and vegetables, Chaga tincture, apricot kernels (B17 in natural form) and 3 drops of CBD oil. She was also encouraged to change her diet, reducing her sugar and processed food intake and introducing more whole foods like fruits and vegetables. We have also performed Reiki energy healing on her every day, with one family Reiki energy healing once per week.

It has only been one week but the changes in her are outstanding. Her pain level is dwindled to an irritation. Her appetite is returning and she is able to keep more food down. She is hungry for the first time in weeks. She is getting stronger and stronger every day, getting up on her own and making herself something to eat, showering and getting dressed. She still awaits her oncologist appointment; but the hope is by the time she gets the appointment her body will have shocked itself into healing the tumor size, allowing her to be strong enough for surgery if that is what is needed. She will also be getting Himalayan salt blocks in a week to remove the toxins in her body, out of her feet.

What Do The Results Say?

So the results have been extremely promising. Some have had their cancers completely healed, still living cancer free; while others are ½ way or just starting their journey on the anti-cancer plan with great results so far.

Again, I am, not a medical Doctor. I am just wanting to share with you what I see working for other people struggling with cancer. I am not sure if the anti-cancer plan will work on all types of cancers or just those listed it has worked on to date.

Either way, I wanted to give cancer patients out there hope. A way to empower themselves to help themselves heal themselves from the inside out. Waiting is the hardest part of any illness. Waiting for Dr appointments, test results, surgery dates, more tests, more appointments for more results… it is an agonizing process. Embracing the Anti-cancer Plan empowers cancer patients to take charge and move into action, and out of the victim mentality. It gives them hope and purpose. And for at least 3 out of 5 so far, it has enabled them to heal themselves of the cancer in the body. And for the remaining 2, they are showing great results of improvement and healing.

I share with you my anti-cancer plan on here now.

The Anti-Cancer Plan

Note: I use Juice Plus, freeze dried organic supplements with my Anti-Cancer Plan; but please feel free to google and research other brands. You want the brand that gives you the most fruits and vegetables in each serving without any sugar (NO SUGAR!!).


  • 1 of each Juice Plus organic supplements (3 pills all together)

  • 1 Apricot Kernel

  • 1 glass of Alkaline Water Neutralizes PH balance in the body, boosts immune system and detoxifies the body (filtered water, lemon slices, cucumber slices, mint leaves and fresh ginger)

  • Have food that is NOT on the "Foods To Avoid" listing

  • 1 Tablespoon of Acai Berry Juice (might want a “water” chaser or “juice” chaser)

  • CBD drops per instructions, on the tongue

  • Do the Neurolymphatic Massage for 3 – 4 minutes to ensure your lymphatic system is activated and releasing toxins

  • If up to it, do the “Four Thumps” (tapping cheekbones & eye socket bones; then directly under and across your collar bone; then along your Thymus right down the middle of your breast bone to your sternum; then along both sides of your ribs) This activates all of your meridians, that carry the electrical impulses, neurons & neurites through your body = these help to improve and maintain circulation of all your biological systems)


  • 1 of each Juice Plus organic supplement (3 pills all together)

  • 1 glass of Alkaline Water (filtered water, lemon slices, cucumber slices, mint leaves and fresh ginger)

  • 1 Apricot Kernel

  • Anti-cancer food choice for lunch or a homemade salad

  • 1 – 2 teaspoons of Chaga Vodka Tincture on tongue


  • 1 of each Juice Plus organic supplement (3 pills all together)

  • 1 glass of Alkaline Water (filtered water, lemon slices, cucumber slices, mint leaves and fresh ginger)

  • 1 Apricot Kernel

  • 1 teaspoon of Acai Berry Juice (might want a “water” chaser or “juice” chaser)

  • Anti-cancer food choice for dinner or homemade salad

  • CBD drops per instructions, on the tongue

  • Do the Neurolymphatic Massage for 3 - 4 minutes to ensure your lymphatic system is activated and releasing toxins

  • If up to it, do the “Four Thumps” (tapping cheekbones & eye socket bones; then directly under and across your collar bone; then along your Thymus right down the middle of your breast bone to your sternum; then along both sides of your ribs) This activates all of your meridians, that carry the electrical impulses, neurons & neurites through your body = these help to improve and maintain circulation of all your biological systems)

Other healing compliments:

  • Reiki every 3 days – aligning the meridians to expedite healing and energy levels, reducing stress, anxiety, worry and fear

  • Find a Reiki Master in your community and then review this blog before going to them:

  • Ask questions about their own daily self care practices for clearing and connection,

  • Ask how many clients they take in a day (will tell you how busy they are)

  • Ask how long they have been practicing?

  • Ask how long it took them to become a Master (if it is less than 6 months, find a different master)

  • Make sure you have a connection with that Reiki Master and can work with them to help you learn to heal yourself. If they refer to themselves as

  • Once per week, Family Reiki healing session (maybe Sunday evenings)

  • Meditations from Laurie’s youtube channel:

Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Tension Meditation is a good one:

  • Fresh air every day

  • Walking or “rolling” around the house or outside once a day (movement is huge to ensure lymphatic system is active and draining toxins from your systems)

  • A recliner chair to help keep your feet raised while sitting. Your heart needs help to pump the fluid build up out of your body. Keeping your feet raised above or level with your body helps your heart do its work, without putting extra strain on the heart.

  • Rest when you are tired; do not push yourself. Your body is healing and sleep is the best way it knows to heal itself.

  • Drink a lot of Alkaline water every day. Water helps the lymphatic system flush out the toxins into the blood stream, through the kidneys and out in your urine. Drink a lot of this water, as it reduces the acidity in your body by helping it achieve a balanced PH.

FOODS TO AVOID - Foods that Help Cancer Grow Big and Strong:

  • Eliminate Processed sugar!!!!!

  • Candy (including chocolate)

  • Red meat

  • Processed meats (sandwich meat, hotdogs, bacon, etc.)

  • Acidic foods

  • Sweet treats or foods

  • Preservatives (sodium nitrate,

  • Deep fried foods

  • BBQ foods (carcinogens)

  • Excessive salt, fat or sweeteners

  • Preserved foods like pickles, jams, kiam chye (salted mustard green), and century eggs as they contain nitrites which are carcinogenic

  • Minimize alcohol

Anti-Cancer Good Food Choices:


  • Tomatoes, carrots, peas, celery, collard greens, beet greens, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, pumpkin, garlic & ginger (boosts immune system), spinach, red/yellow/orange peppers, kale, barley grass and turnips

  • Tomatoes, tomato puree and parsley (especially good for prostate cancer patients)

  • Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage contain plant chemicals that can convert bad oestrogen into good oestrogen, and hence reduce cancer risk as well as the risk of a relapse

  • Asparagus and Brussel sprouts for their rich antioxidants

  • Bitter gourd for lowering blood sugar levels

  • Green leafy vegetables for calcium and iron

Good Fruits for Fighting Cancer

  • Oranges and lemons (lemons boost the immune system) provide vitamin C (lemon is an alkaline fruit – good for level PH)

  • Bananas, kiwi, peaches, mangoes, pears and strawberries for vitamins and fibre (in limited amounts due to their high sugar content)

  • Avocadoes, guava, apricots, figs, prunes and raisins for energy

  • Cannabis oil

  • Apricot kernels (starve cancer cells of oxygen so they die) – use in limited amounts, approximately 2 or 3 kernels per day

  • Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Red Grapes


  • Lean chicken/turkey in very limited amounts, fish, eggs, tauhu and taukwa

  • Dairy products, nuts, dried beans, dahls and chickpeas

  • Legumes, beans;

  • Fish and soy foods (especially good for prostate cancer patients)


  • Brown rice, chapatti, wholegrain bread and wholegrain pasta

  • Wholegrain crackers, oats, corn, potatoes, beans and dairy products

  • Honey, consumed in moderation for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which may help in preventing infections

Alkaline Water Recipe

Where I get My Supplies For Cancer Clients:

CBD Oil: Any local CBD Oil retail outlet in your own home town. Or you can purchase online.

Chaga Tincture

Laurie makes the Chaga tincture out of Chaga from the forest in the northwest, harvested in winter. It is a vodka tincture.

You may purchase bulk bags of chaga (I think they are 1 pound bags) from Chaga Muga at:

Make Your Own Chaga Tincture

500 ml canning jar with lid

Fill 1/2 with Raw Chaga

Fill Jar With 100 proof Vodka

Let sit for 1 - 2 months (gets stronger the longer it sits; however if you feel you need it sooner you can start taking it at the one month mark)

Let it sit, turning and or rotating the jar every day, ensuring the vodka is getting into every crevice. If the vodka gets absorbed into the chaga, top it up so the jar is near full. After it has sat for 1 - 2 months, strain it through a seive first to get the larger pieces out. Squish the larger pieces with a spoon in the sieve to squeeze all the liquid out as best you can.

Then sieve through a coffee filter or cheese cloth to remove the finer particles.

Then put it back in a cleaned glass sealable mason jar, sealing the lid tightly. Take 1 - 2 teaspoons every day for at least 30 days.

NOTE: Chaga Tea is NOT the same as Chaga Tincture. The tea is good, helps your organs and biological process work better and gives you more energy. The tincture is strictly for shrinking cancer tumors. It is the tincture that is used in Russia, China and Korean as a prescription drug in oncology.

Well there you have it. The Anti-Cancer Plan that I share with all my cancer clients. Again I am not a medical Doctor, I am just sharing what I see working for others.

Let me know if you found this helpful. Sending you love and light.

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Harmony Hands Energy Healing

Terrace, BC


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