Anti-Cancer Plan In Action

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I have been waiting to share this in a more permanent, more public way until I had more evidence to prove my findings. Recently I have had a lot of signs that I should be sharing this plan more readily with people. I have had a lot of requests from people asking for a copy of it and asking questions about how to find the supplies I use. So I thought I would share this with you now.

You will find a summary of some of the clients who have been on part or all of the plan, and how they were able to heal themselves from within. You will find information and tools you can use, for free to help with this terrible disease. You will also find the entire plan including a listing of where you can get the different components of the plan.

Even though I have a strong background in Industrial First Aid, health and nutrition I am NOT a Medical Doctor, and do not claim to be.

I have a strong background in nutrition because I had to learn to survive in a processed food world, while being allergic to everything in it. I am allergic to all processed food, dyed food or any type of “long life food”. I have had to find alternative foods, all-natural foods, that I make from scratch in order to sustain a level of wellness. Through this process I have become extremely knowledgeable about the properties and nutrients in our food.

Along my research path, I discovered the benefits of different types of food, how they positively impact our bodies, and how they can even be used to help heal different types of ailments. I stumbled across many research sites that listed various foods to help with various types of ailments and diseases; but especially cancers.

One of my favorite sites is

Chris beat cancer by changing his life style and his diet. He shocked his body into wellness.

On his site you will find cancer fighting foods, natural remedies, lots of science and information to help you understand and process how you can help your body regenerate good cell structures.

Great video from Chris on his own story, how he healed himself:

His words of “shocking the body into wellness” really resonated with me. My life purpose is to be in the energy healing field, helping people learn how to heal themselves from the inside out, on a cellular level. I have the gift of “knowing” where I intuitively am able to “know” what will help another person. Through this “knowing” I have been able to help several clients with cancer and develop an Anti-Cancer Plan. Shocking the body into wellness was what I was already helping people to do. This fit with how my "knowing" was discovering areas where people could improve their health and wellness by simple dietary changes.

When cancer patients come to see me, a lot of times (not always, but a lot of the time) it is because they have no more options left. Many times Drs have told them “there is nothing left we can do, so go home and put your affairs in order”… never the conversation you want to have, ever!! They may have a friend that suggests it or they see an ad on Facebook. Either way, they feel that the traditional medical system has tried without success, maybe energy medicine might help.

When a cancer client comes to see me, I focus on the whole-body healing; not just the cancer. You see most of the time, in my experience thus far, cancer starts with an upset of some sort in the body; there is a starting point. That upset then leads to changes in one’s life that ripple into a period where there is a lack of self care at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. That might mean:

  • One is not speaking one’s truth, forcing it down and never processing it,

  • One is not following one’s beliefs and values,

  • One lives in a world that is hostile, difficult and hard on the nerves,

  • There is a lot of stress in one’s life, and one’s coping skills are self-harming (drinking, drugs, emotionally eating, purging, etc.),

  • There is a lot of drama in one’s life; regardlesss of who it belongs to,

  • One is not aligned with one’s heart’s desires, swimming upstream against one’s authentic life path,

  • There is a lot of negative emotions (anger, fear, worry, judgment, jealousy, sorrow, grief, betrayal, frustration, impatience, etc.),

  • There is a lot of negative programming and negative self talk,

  • One’s diet is high in sugar, fat and processed foods,

  • One consumes a lot of alcohol or drugs (recreational, prescription),

  • One does not do healthy activities, (walking, biking, hiking, jogging, swimming, etc)

  • One allows oneself to wallow and remain stuck in the negative energies of despair, hopelessness, defeat, victim mentality, etc.

  • One may feel that one’s God, Great Creator, Great Spirit has left them,

  • One may no longer trust that everything is happening for their greatest and highest good; maybe a lesson one needs to learn.

  • One may be filling their life with “busy” so they no longer have quiet reflection time needed to process deeply seeded emotions.

  • One may have very poor mental wellness due to not being able to quiet the mind, and rest properly in the evenings.

Self care means many different things, to many different people. Without it, ailments and problems manifest in different areas of one’s life. The main point here is, there is some sort of an unresolved upset that has triggered events that have led to the degeneration of healthy habits and routines, healthy food choices and mental wellness activities. It is a spiraling effect.

When cancer clients come they are usually spiraling, either from their lifestyle or the recently understood news of their mortality or from the illness itself. We work together developing a plan that fits their beliefs, lifestyle and change capability at that moment in time. Here are a few examples of the clients that have been "shocked into wellness":

My first Cancer Client - Susan

Susan (a pseudo name to protect privacy) had a rare and terminal blood cancer. It was so rare, that Drs were struggling with the best approach for treatment. As a compliment to the modern medicine, we started her on a Chaga tincture; something that is used in Russia, China and Korea in oncology to shrink tumors. We also ensured she was neutralizing the alkalinity in her body via “alkaline recipe water”. She changed her diet, cutting out red meat and fermented foods that increased the acidity in her body. She chose to eat whole foods, more fruits & vegetables and changed her stressful lifestyle to incorporate more reflective quiet time. She took freeze dried organic fruit & vegetable supplements, equating to 40 ser