Is Christmas An Emotional Trigger For You? Try These Healing Suggestions!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

For many Christmas is not the joyful holiday that it is for others. Christmas is a reminder of past traumatic events, loss of loved ones, loss of family gatherings or loss of the sense of inclusion.

If Christmas is a trauma trigger, causing you grief, depression or melancholy try these little steps to help you get through the holidays:

  1. Stay Grounded

  • Keeping your grounding is key when upsets, sadness or depression rises up within. Here are some grounding tips and tricks.

  • Visualize roots running down your spine, down your legs, out your feet and running deep into the earth.

  • Grounding Meditations

  • Stand on the bare earth without shoes on. In the winter this can be tricky and cold. So an alternative for the winter is to use a grounding mat.

  • Crystals For Grounding

  • Arfvedsonite

  • Aragonite

  • Bloodstone

  • Clear Calcite

  • Carnelian

  • Charoite

  • Dragon's Blood Jasper

  • Fluorite

  • Red Garnet

  • Hematite

  • Red Jasper

  • Jet

  • Labradorite

  • Malachite

  • Moldavite

  • Obsidian

  • Onyx

  • Rutilated Quartz

  • Smoky Quartz

  • Rhodonite

  • Seraphinite

  • Snowflake Obsidian

  • Tektite

  • Tiger's Eye

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Blue Tourmaline

  • Dark Blue Tourmaline

  • Epsom Salt Baths for clearing, cleansing and grounding

  • Walking in Nature

  • Drinking Lots of Water

2. Keep Your Meridians Running In The Right Direction

There are several ways to do this; however the simplest and fastest way is to do energy exercises. When your meridians are running the wrong way, you feel tired, depressed and lacking passion for life. Here are a few of my favorite tools you can try:

  • Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine

  • Yoga - Stretching and elongating opens up the energy flow

  • Music Therapy - Play music that makes you happy

  • TaiChi Qigong

3. Relaxing, Releasing Meditations with Positive Affirmations:

This one is for releasing stress, tension and anxiety

This one is for releasing anger and upset: