Consciousness, Mysticism and Science Make Up Our New Reality!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Where do we come from? How was the universe formed? Some people believe we come from the universe, from within the cosmos. Others believe we came from God, the Creator or Source.... Some believe there was a big bang, that started the universe and led us on the path through evolution. While others believe we are hybrid alien beings; and yet others believe we are living in one big science experiment.

Regardless what you believe, it turns out you may be right.

I believe, at the core of my being, that science and religion, regardless of what that religion is, are both right Not 100% right, but I believe that they both have parts of the whole picture. I believe that religion provides us the moral compass to follow, it gives us a way of connecting to a higher power and a mystical history. I believe science provides the data that can collaborate the stories in religious text, the physics behind the connection to a higher power and the tools to explore the mystical history. They work together. I believe that spirituality is the journey of discovery, to find the whole picture. Spirituality is a process within and a state of being, it is an openness and an awareness as we observe, connect, learn, share and discover the world around us.

The following is a summation of some of the ideas floating around the scientific communities today. I offer them here for your contemplation.

So What If .....

What if... there is a "Creator" but not in the traditional sense that we know him/her. ... stay with me here ..... Through my studies in Theology, all religions have a basic belief that their "Creator" is of a higher intelligence than they are. I honestly can't think of one religion that doesn't put their Creator of worship into a category of higher knowing, higher vibration, higher love, higher power, higher intelligence and higher wisdom. There is also a common theme of "the beginning"; a defined starting point when humans came to be. All religious texts are coming from a place of love, wisdom and with the best of intentions for society's higher learning and healing. They are all based on good intentions, morals and teachings.

What if science was able to confirm, that yes indeed there is a higher intelligence that is behind the creation of the universe? That all religions are right about having a higher intelligence, a higher consciousness or wisdom guiding them!

We have a universe that we can see (in the form of matter) and a universe that we cannot see (as in the form of energy and our soul). We know they exist. We can see, feel, taste and hear matter. We can feel energy, sometimes we can even see energy effects such as lightning or sunlight. For the most part the energy in our immediate world is pretty much invisible to the naked eye, but it is all around us and we can feel it. We know our soul is there as well, it is our essence, our inner being of our life spirit, our love and part of our whole energy. We know our soul is there, but we cannot see it or measure it. It is completely intangible, yet we all have a "knowing" that it exists and is part of our being.

Quantum Science, particularly the physics side, teaches us that the world around us is made up of 99.99999999999% energy and 0.000000001% matter.

So it would be a logical next step to then embrace the idea that regardless of who we believe the "Creator" is, the higher intelligence guiding us is a form of intelligent energy. Science has shown that our own physiology is energy formed cells, forming our bodies and minds. So it is not too far of a stretch to consider that maybe energy may be at the core of creation at some point. That possibly the higher intelligence that guides us is a form of energy itself.

So if everyone agrees, regardless of religion or belief, that there is a higher intelligence in the universe; that may be created from some form of energy, then we have a common place from which to build a discussion on consciousness, mysticism, spirituality and energy as it relates to our current reality.

Intelligent Order To Our Universe

The exploration of the universe stemmed from the mysticism within religious texts, stories and lessons.

For the purposes of this article I am using the following definition of mysticism:

Mysticism = "belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender."

This is a common thread through most religions. If you quiet your mind, release and let go; then pray or meditate you be able to connect to a higher level of knowledge, a higher intelligence.

Some physicist, philosophers and psychiatrists believe we come from a higher dimension, as described in some religious texts; which then became the perceivable order we now call our universe. The concept of coming from a higher dimension from within the religious texts was written and described in the language and with the level of understanding of that time in history. As our understanding and knowledge grows, so does our ability to define it. Some people call this higher dimension or layer or intellect:

  • Akashic Filed

  • Neural Network

  • Universal Consciousness

  • Implicate Order

  • The Creator Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Divine Layer

  • Source

There are many other names for it, but you get the idea. These are different labels to describe a universal consciousness of "knowing" that we all share, we are all connected to and that we can all tap into when needed.

Sacred Geometry Must Have Intelligence

There is such undeniable order, geometry and synergy within the universe. So much so, that there must be some intelligence behind it.

When we look at a flower, a rolling wave, an ammonite, a galaxy or a storm - sacred geometry is ever present. When you consider the spiral of life and then look around at all that is represented by the spiral of life in our world - there must be some intelligent form behind its creation. It cannot be a mere coincidence, there is a purpose behind it all - an order to our universe. When there are too many coincidences, it is no longer a coincidence - it is purposeful.

When you look at the Star of David, another sacred geometry symbol, it too repeats itself in nature in our starfish, our flowers, snowflakes and plants.

When you consider the geometric symbol the flower of life, then look around our world. You will see that there must be some intelligence to this order. That fractal patterns, geometry, laws of the universe... they must all have an intelligence behind them.

We could go through all the scared geometry symbols and find similar findings. An intelligence must be behind such amazing order, coherence and unity.

The Path To Understanding Our Reality

100 Years Ago Dr. James Jeans (1877 - 1946), a renowned Physicist, Astronomer and Mathematician of his day, came to the realization "The universe resembles one big thought" He believed there was an intelligence in the universe that was behind the creation of matter and energy.

Max Planck (1858-1947), a renowned Theoretical Physicists and Nobel Prize winner expanded on Einstein's work with the Theory of Relativity. He proved that there is no such thing as matter at the atomic level. That the atoms were just sets of vibrations held together by an unknown force (energy) that he could not discern with his eyes. He hypothesized that the unknown force should be considered to have intelligence as it produced fractal patterns of order (similarly repeating patterns).

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity no longer fits our growing understanding of the universe. Today we know that the universe has natural laws and order to it. Scientists have been able to identify and label the elements and factors that make up our natural order. Now we need to add to the old theory intelligent consciousness energy.

If you take a cellular cross section of a leaf or a tree or of anything alive, and put that sample under a microscope. Then if you magnify it until all you can see is a couple of cells close up. You will discover that none of the cells within the membrane actually touch one another, there is a space between each of them. Dr. Planck was right, over 100 years ago. It has just taken science this long to catch up. How do they components within the cell membrane communicate? What is holding all these cellular components together? The main force holding all those cells in place, communicating with one another, acting as "one", protecting, growing and thriving is energy. Again, one would think there is an intelligent force behind all these synergies, alignments and cellular communications.

It would then stand to reason, that at the cellular level of communication, everything is acting as one. Each atom, photon, proton, electron, neuron, etc are all working together for what the cell, system and body needs of that life form.

They are using the energy that surrounds them as their communication network. That the intelligence of what it needs is communicated and then acted upon as a collective, being as one even though none of the components are physically touching. It would then stand to reason even further, that there is a higher intelligence out there guiding us, helping us to grow and evolve as individuals and as a species, starting at the cellular level.

Emergence Theory

The "Theory of Relativity" no longer encompasses all the elements from newer discoveries, so scientists and theorists have come up with a new theory called "The Emergence Theory" . Quantum University is actively working with the scientific community to flush out and work with the new Emergence Theory.

What the Emergence Theory encompasses the 6 main pillars of how we define the universe (standard practice today):

  • Information as Energy

  • Causality Loops

  • Non-Determinism

  • Pixelation

  • E8 Crystals

  • The Golden Ratio

However the Emergence Theory adds one more pillar:

  • Consciousness

Consciousness has been added to the pillars used to define the universe as we know it. Consciousness in this sense refers to that higher intelligence. Science is recognizing that there is an intelligence behind the creation of the universe, and they believe this intelligence is made up of energy and has a consciousness.

This would explain how different cultures across the world, without means of communication, came up with the same ideas at the same time. For example, the pyramids that appear across the globe in similar times.

How did they do that? They were able to tap into the universal conscious