Crystals For Releasing Anxiety, Fear and Worry

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

There are certain crystals you can bring into your world that will help you to raise your internal hertz readings (vibrations) to a higher level and to be more in line with the optimal performance vibrations of your biological systems, organs, bones, muscles, energies and emotions.

When you experience illness or disease, your hertz reading goes down. It feels like that cold or flu bug is just draining all the energy from your body. You no longer feel joyful and in harmony with the world around you; you feel like a bus just ran over you and left you there!

When you suffer from emotional malady, like anxiety, whether temporary or chronically occurring, the biological response and resulting symptoms are the same. Your hertz reading goes way down, allowing illness to enter in. When you suffer from anxiety You may experience feeling:

  • Restless or "wound up" most of the time

  • Overwhelmed easily

  • Becoming extremely tired at odd times during the day

  • Wanting to sleep more than normal

  • Chronic muscle tension

  • Constant feelings of worry and/or fear

  • Having difficultly sleeping (getting to sleep or staying asleep)

  • Digestive issues

  • Hair loss

  • Weight loss / Weight gain

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulty making decisions

Living in a constant state of anxiety, worry and fear is hard on one's body, physically and emotionally. It lowers the natural energy level and rhythm, which eventually leads down a path towards illness, degeneration and disease.

But there is hope!! Understanding your own body's hertz readings during various states will help you identify where you are at. Here is an image that explains it quite well:

We all wake up usually around 250 - 275 hertz. Then depending on our attitude, emotions and new daily challenges our hertz reading may rise or fall as the day goes on. When we stay below "neutrality" for long periods of time, our lower vibration allows for illness, disease and degeneration to enter into our bodies. When our vibration is higher, the body uses that higher energy flow to help heal itself via the meridians (there is a different blog on that one).

Outside of daily energy healings, having crystals in your energy space, that have a higher vibration than your current state, will help to raise your vibration and change your state, for the better. They also help to keep you grounded.

Crystals For Anxiety, Fear, Worry and Emotional Upset

When you are looking for crystals to help raise your vibrational state it is good to start with crystals known to work on a specific ailment or malady. I find the internet an infinite source of wealth and knowledge, as I do with all my crystal and mineral books. I have compiled a lot of my research into a database I freely share on my harmony hands web site.

The following crystals from my are known to specifically aid in the relief of anxiety, fear and worry. You do not have to have all of them.

The crystals listed below also aid in wide range of additional ailments as well. Go through the list and see if there aren't a few that resonate with you and your current life circumstance. There is no wrong answer, because it is your unique answer. You can have as little as 2 or as many as you like. Again,

there is no wrong answer.

Put your chosen crystals in a satchel or a sock inside your pillow case, so you can absorb the crystalline vibration while you sleep. Or wrap them in a soft cloth and tuck them into your pocket. You can put them around your computer at work or home. Place them anywhere you feel the most anxious, experience the most worry and concern. These are for your own healing, so place them where you will benefit from them the most.

TIP: Pick crystals off the shelf or from nature or from the store, that you can sense a slight vibration from when you hold it in your hand. That is a crystal willing to work with your current energetic state, for your highest and greatest good.

Agate - Throat Chakra

Protection, balancing energies, enhance creativity, grounding, heals broken hearts, calming, clears negative energies, heals heartache, aids in relieving emotional upset (fear, worry, stress) and negativity, grounding stone.

Blue Lace Agate is particularly good for anxiety and stress.

Amber - Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras

Soothing and calming. Promotes mental clarity, draws out negative energy and cleanses. It eases physical pain, provides protection from psychic attack. It helps with bone issues, heart problems, circulation concerns, ears/hearing. Improves kidney/bladder and lung function, eases stomach aches, general overall healer. It improves mental clarity, pain relief in bones, overall healer, Good for cancer of the kidney or bladder.

Amethyst - Crown Chakra

Protection,purification. Connection to divine and higher self. Improves stability, strength, peace, serenity, common sense, prosperity, insight, honesty. Relieves inner upset including anxiety, worry, concern. Improves communication with guides and angels, helps to develop psychic ability, Helps with cutting cords to unhealthy attachments. Clears energy fields. Helpful if you are longing for change. Aids in managing sadness, grief, addictions. Balances nervous system and the brain. Heals nerve disorders, brain imbalances. Improves oxygenation, insomnia. Reduces headaches, bruises, swelling. Dissipates pain, Improves functionality of large intestine.

Angel Aura Quartz - Throat Chakra

Protection during pregnancy. Spirit connection. Promotes loving vibrations, promotes peace, calm, serenity, purification and rest. Aids in communication, Overall healer. Helpful for those with autism. Helps with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias.

Azurite - 3rd Eye Chakra

Eases anxiety/worry. Aids with receiving guidance through 3rd eye. Eases pain of arthritis and joints.

Blue Calcite - Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras

Enhances psychic abilities. Soothes emotions and emotional upset. Aids in communication / seeing all viewpoints. Focuses on positive enhances and affirmations, overcome fatalism. Calming, releases stress and anxiety. Improves Thyroid functionality. Aids with insomnia, reduces inflammation of joints and arthritis. Helps to reduce high blood pressure. Increases optimism. Helps to clear congestion in lungs, Improves headache pain. Aids in healing cataracts and other eye diseases.

Chalcopyrite - Heart Chakra

Calming stone during stressful times, Regenerates healthy cells vs diseased cells, Works on tumors and restructuring DNA. Relieves stress/anxiety, Emotional soother. Cellular regeneration. Good for cancer tumors.

Chiastolite - Sacral and Root Chakras

Protection and grounding. Bestows strength and perseverance, promotes feelings of calm and tranquility. Aids in problem solving, reduces fear, stress, anxiety and depression. Repairs structural damage to bones and connective tissue, strengthens teeth and bones. Helps with Rheumatism, muscle weakness, gout and nerve damage. Brings balance to your body, Helpful with people suffer from stroke or paralysis.

Chrysocolla - Root, Heart or Throat Chakras