6 Easy Steps To Energy Test Your Food BEFORE You Eat It!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Energy is everywhere! It is all around us and it is flowing inside of us, we cannot escape it; it is who we are. Our own bodies are made up of 99% energy and 1% matter. The world around us is the same, according to Quantum Physics. We energetically interact with our environment every day. We are always interconnecting with other people's energy fields, the energy of a room or location, the energy of mother earth; good energies, bad energies - we can connect, feel and respond both emotionally, spiritually but especially physically to these energies. Ever notice when someone with very negative energy enters the room and your hair stands up on end? That is you connecting, energetically, with another person's energy field. You are picking up their negative energetic vibrational reading (lower hertz reading). Or when you are around someone super duper happy, and you can't help feeling recharged and joyful. That is you connecting, interacting and responding physiologically to their positive energy vibration.

Learning to understand the meanings of energetic physiological changes in our bodies will help us to hear, listen and trust our body's own wisdom. Learning to connect and listen to our body's messages, through energy testing, will help not only to hone our intuition but it will teach us what is for our highest and greatest good, and what is not. We have all the answers within our own selves, if we would just take the time to pay attention.

Energy Testing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It is used in kinesiology for muscle testings, allergist use it for allergy testing, naturopathic medicine uses it for food testing, emotional testing and muscle testing. It is also used with meridian testing and energy field testing, and so much more. It is a way of connecting to your own body's infinite wisdom for knowing what is for its greatest and highest good. This goes beyond intuition. Intuition is that "gut feeling" or your "knowing" that you choose to listen to, or not, for most situations you encounter in your day to day life. It goes beyond current day science, as energy measuring devices of today can only pick up readings up to 6 feet out from our bodies. They hypothesize that the energy continues out even further, maybe infinitely connected; but their instruments can only read 6 feet out for now.

Donna Eden, one of my personal heros and now teacher, is known as an Energy Medicine Master. She is an accomplished author, world renowned speaker and teacher. She overcame physical, mental and emotional impairments and healed herself through Energy Medicine. Much of what we will be covering here comes from ancient practices and teachings as well as from Donna Eden's book "Energy Medicine - Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality".

For people with food sensitivities and allergies, Food Energy Testing techniques are crucial in helping them know quickly, which foods are the "problem" and which foods are the "solution". Food testing for those suffering from sensitivities will see their lives improve immediately as they quickly discern good food and bad food, before they eat it!!

Wouldn't it be great to know that the chilli dog you are about to consume, is going to be painfully disruptive to your system, increasing the toxins and inflammation in your body BEFORE you ate it?

Have you ever gone out for dinner and tried something new, only to pay for it in the morning? Wouldn't it be great if you had the ability to test food on your plate BEFORE you ate it?

Are you taking enough supplements? Are you guessing on what supplements you need and in what dosage? Well guess no more! Now you can test your supplements and let your body tell you what it needs and in what quantity.

Food Energy Testing takes energy testing to a higher level, because it incorporates your energy fields, your intuition along with your body's physiological responses to the foods your are testing. It is combining the emotional and spiritual energy connection of your fields and your intuition with the more analytical scientific side of being able to feel, see and measure the phsyiological changes in our own bodies, to the testing that is being performed. The great thing about Food Energy Testing is you can do it all on your own! You can do it anywhere - in the grocery store as you are shopping, at the dinner table, standing with your pantry doors open randomly testing food in cans and jars.... It is so easy!

Your body communicates with you regularly on what it needs along with how much it needs, in order to make your body stronger. Conversely your body will also give you clear signs telling you this food will only serve to make your body weaker and should be avoided. Your body will tell you what is best for you at any given moment throughout the day, if you will be open to asking for its guidance and listening, feeling and seeing the body's responses.

Most of us have experienced the usual body communications when we eat something that doesn't agree with us. Once our body starts to "rebel" we immediately know that we made a bad food choice or we ate too much of a good thing and now it has become a toxin. We have also experienced eating or drinking something that your body just screams "yes give me more" or "ah, that's what I needed". We currently, randomly know these feelings and sensations exist; but life gets in the way of our ability to focus and listen to the messages.

Below are the 6 easy steps for starting to energy test your dry foods and supplements right now. Keep scrolling beyond that and I have layed out steps for testing wet foods.

Keep note of foods that consistently come up with negative responses. There is a reason. Some foods increase the body's acidity level, which is where disease and degeneration thrive. Some foods increase inflammation in our joints and bones. Other foods exacerbate existing conditions, preventing them from healing. Some foods are healing foods that help your body achieve harmony. As your life conditions change, as your physiology changes and as we age, food testing becomes more important in maintaining a balanced healthy mind and body.

So go to the kitchen right now and grab some things out of the cupboard or refrigerator (peanut butter in the jar, chips in a bag, an egg, a piece of bread, a cookie, whatever dry food you want to test, some supplements - vitamin c, vitamin d or multi-vitamin, whatever vitamins or supplements you have, etc.) Then follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Stand up, shoes off, knees slightly bent (energy does not flow through "locked" knees very well)

Step 2 - Choose the food or supplement you want to test and pick it up.

(NOTE: if you are testing supplements, like vitamin D or C, you will need to just take one vit D or C out of the bottle to test - do not test the whole bottle - no one's body is going to say that is good!! LOL )

Hold the food product or supplement in your non-dominant hand and place it directly over your solar plexus / stomach area (above the navel, below the breast plate). Now place your dominate hand over top of your non dominant hand (on your solar plexus) that is holding the food or supplement.

Step 3 - Tuck your elbows in, close to your body. Check that your knees are still slightly bent.

Step 4 - With your eyes open take a deep breath, exhaling any tension, worry, stress, to dos, clutter or chatter. You are consciously tryi