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7 Great Crystals Everyone Should Keep Under Their Pillow

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I have been around crystals my whole life. As an adult I use them for clearing and protection, as well for their exquisite beauty in my home. I love the look, feel and especially the individual vibrations of the various crystals. I enjoy clearing them, charging them, using them and programming them. Crystals used in today's technologies are "common place", no one thinks twice about using a programmed quartz in a watch or tv or computer. Science, technology and the powers locked within mother earth (crystals) are all aligning.

I am a Traditional Usui Crystal Reiki Master, Traditional Usui Crystal Reiki Teacher and use crystals daily in my own life and to help others maximize the benefits for physiological healing and energy maintenance.

Because I have a lot of knowledge to share about crystals, I decided to start writing a blog. I will be writing not only about crystals but also about their properties, crystalline structure, vibrations, powers of sacred geometry used with crystals, grids, uses and benefits; but also about the negative, cautionary side of using crystals.

Some crystals are very toxic and should never be placed directly on your skin. Other crystals are so toxic they can only handled for very short periods of time or with gloves. Some crystals are poisonous if you put them in your "crystalline water" (the latest craze). Some crystals will disintegrate when you rinse them in water. Others will fade to clear when you place them in the sunlight. There are different processes for clearing crystals made up of different crystalline structures and minerals. There are different processes for charging crystals that cannot be in direct sunlight. There are so many uses for crystals around your home, they are not just for aesthetics.

So here is my first crystal blog......

There are 7 crystals everyone should have in a little satchel under their pillow while they sleep or in their purse or pocket. They are the basic crystals for healing, maintaining energy flow and balance, increasing connection and harmony and helping with protection and purification. Each one aligns with a chakra and can be also used during meditations by either placing them near the chakra or directly on the chakra.

#1 = Amethyst

Aligns with the Crown Chakra Vibration and Color

Balances emotions, promotes love and protection, promotes spirituality, enhances visualizations. Helps with purification and connection to the divine. Relieves headaches, aid with releasing addictions, promotes cell regeneration, aid in reducing inflammation in arthritis and gout. Balances thyroid and adrenal glands. Helps one to process grief, sorrow and loss. Balances nervous system, brain and improves oxygenation. Helps with insomnia, bruises, swelling, and parasites of the large intestine

#2 = Lapis Lazulli

Aligns with the Third Eye Chakra Vibration and Color

It is said that lapis lazulli has properties associated with connecting to source and your higher self spiritually. This higher connection then opens up ones mind to greater knowledge and wisdom from within. It helps to identify blocks in your energy flows of ying and yang and helps to mend those blocks. Helps to identify karmic root of disease and emotions that are sabotaging healing. Aids in lowering blood pressure, regulating the thyroid, repairs dna damage, helps with relieving insomnia.

Cautionary Note: Lapis Lazulli contains Pyrite (that is what the gold sparkles are within the stone), and Pyrite contains sulphur (poison), when oxidizes turns to Arsenic, which is another toxic poison to humans. In its raw, unpolished form it should NEVER touch the skin for any length of time. It should NEVER be added to crystalline elixirs as the Arsenic will leach out into the drinking water. The above picture shows an example of a polished safe Lapis Lazulli, as it has the protective varnish layer on it sealing in the arsenic.

#3 = Turquoise

Aligns with Throat Chakra Vibration and Color

Turquoise is known for its properties of cleansing the body of pollutants. It helps to boost your immune system. Turquoise, being aligned with your throat chakra, helps you with your communication. This could be about speaking your truth or helping you not to blurt too much. Turquoise helps to illuminate the reasons for being joyful or happy. It aids in ailments with the throat, stomach and gout.

Cautionary Note: Turquoise contains copper and aluminum. In its unpolished form Turquoise should not touch the skin directly unless it has been highly polished with a protective varnish. You can use a cloth in between the skin and the raw unpolished Turquoise. (it is said that aluminum may contribute to alzheimers and dimentia). The picture above shows a polished crystal that would be safe to use on a person's skin, as it has been polished and has a protective varnish.

#4 - Rose Quartz

Aligns with Heart Chakra Vibration and Color

Rose quartz is all about love and self love. It helps to soothe emotions, release stress, fear and worry; and anxiety caused by past emotional trauma. Its vibration bathes the body, mind and spirit in loving, warm and healing energy. Helps one to emotionally heal and stabilizes the heart center. It has a very calming effect and is helpful for being mindful and aware of your internal thoughts and feelings.

#5 - Citrine

Aligns with Solar Plexus Chakra Vibration and Color

It is said that citrine lifts the atmosphere. Helps to promote mental clarity, creativity and imagination. Revitalizes mind and brings inner calm. Brings wealth, success and joy. Does not accumulate negative energy. It is the stone of optimism, playfulness and joy. It helps overcome depression, digestion issues, metabolism issues and increases energy levels. It improves ones self confidence and aligns the mind and the will.

#6 = Carnelian

Aligns with Sacral Chakra Vibration and Color

Carnelian is said to improve courage, vitality, confidence and action. It helps with assertiveness to manifest ones will, goals and desires. It helps to overcome fear of taking action; helps one to embrace change and transformation. |It relieves stress, banishes sorrow and helps to detoxify the body from alcohol or drugs. It improves overall health.

#7 - Black Tourmaline

Aligns with Root Chakra Vibration and Color

Aids in purification, protection and grounding. Black tourmaline cleanses the energy fields and helps to dispel worry, fear, judgement, shame and other negative toxic emotions. It protects one from external negative forces and energies. Supports the purification of the body, eliminating toxic substances. It is a fabulous mental healer, bringing clarity and calm to the mind. It is known for unblocking energies, healing scars and reducing pain levels.

Cautionary Note: Black Tourmaline contains Aluminum and should not touch the skin directly unless it has been highly polished with a protective varnish (it is said that aluminum may contribute to alzheimers and dimentia). The picture above shows raw, unpolished Black Tourmaline. This type of crystal can be used on a person providing there is a protective barrier (like cloth) between the crystal and the skin. Never use Black Tourmaline (or any Tourmaline) in "crystalline water" elixirs. The Aluminum will leach out into the water, increasing the aluminum ingested.


If you would like to learn more about crystals - stay tuned for more blogs! Or sign up for the Harmony Hands Traditional Usui Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Course or visit for more information on crystals.

Thanks for listening... Namaste .... laurie

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Founder, Owner and Energy Healer

Harmony Hands Energy Healing

Terrace, BC

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