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6 Techniques I Use To Attract Abundance & Prosperity Into My Life

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In order to attract abundance and prosperity, one must define what that means to each one of us individually.

Prosperity to one might mean having a good job with the abundance of a great benefit package. To another prosperity might mean to be financially independent, able to retire early with the abundance of life's every gift. To yet another prosperity might mean having a roof over their head, a dining room table full of family and the abundance of love and laughter that overflows the room.

Whatever prosperity and abundance means to you or looks like for you write it down; there is no wrong answer. Focus on your goal and stick to it through these techniques. I have used these techniques for a long time and they always have worked for me. These are by no means the only techniques and I would encourage you to think outside of the box and develop some of your own to share.

So here are some of the best techniques I have found and used over the years. I hope you find them helpful:

1. Ask the Universe For What You Want - Then Get Out Of The Way!!

I am a very strong believer in the belief that the universe gives you what you need when you need it. There are three parts that are 100% Your Responsibility, in order to make this work:

Step 1: Ask The Universe For What You Want - Set The Intention

You have to ask the universe for what you want and be specific. Don't mix words or intentions. Don't be coy or play games, assuming the universe will "get it". The universe is extremely literal - Extremely Literal. Be clear and direct with your words when you are asking the universe for what you want. Use details, descriptors, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Then close your eyes and imagine you have already received what you have asked for. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What new opportunities or ideas does it bring?

Focus on what you want, do not talk about what you do not want. Remember if you say "I don't want to have a struggle between pay cheques" the universe hears "struggle between pay cheques" and it complies. It is better to say "I thrive on financial freedom and am financially independent". All the universe hears is "she wants financial freedom and independence".

Do this every day. Write it down if you like. Use a vision board with magazine pictures depicting what your goal looks like. Focus on the goal, the feelings, emotions and success you will thrive in, once you get there.

Step 2: Get Out Of The Way

With every great project, you "plan the work; work the plan!" (sorry my PMP coming out here) This is no different! You have laid out the goal, set your intention for what that goal will look and feel like and you may even have given the universe a deadline to reach this goal with you. You have "planned the work", now let the universe "work the plan".

Do not think you have to "help" the universe. It has managed for many millennia and more without your specific guidance. No disrespect intended. You do not need to interfere or mess with anything. There is no need to push or struggle, fret or worry. Do not feel that it isn't happening fast enough. It is happening and unfolding exactly how it is supposed to for your highest and greatest good. Any faster you might not be ready; any slower you might miss that great opportunity. Just know it is occurring at the speed at which you can cope and manifest and align with the intention.

This will be the hardest part for most. Just BE !!! Relax and Observe. Just stay out of the way; but still continue to set your daily intention of asking the universe what you want. Remember to focus on the positive, framing it in the "now", like it has already happened and you are "living the dream" versus some ambiguous date in the future.

Step 3: Opportunities, Signs, Symbols, Directions, Messages

The universe will always give us nudges along life's path if we are asking for the universe's assistance. By setting your intention you are asking for assistance. Now it is a matter of understanding the signs, opportunities, symbols, directions, nudges and messages.

Watch for reoccurring themes - like maybe you are thinking about a person you haven't seen for a long time; then a few days later someone brings that person up in conversation. Then a few days after that you either run into that person or they phone you. This is not a coincidence. This is the universe giving you 3 distinct nudges that you need to connect with that person. When you do connect, explore why - is there anything related to your request to the universe? your intention?

Watch for reoccuring numbers - numbers mean all sorts of different things if you are into numerology, or if you are into angelic readings or if you are superstitious. Numbers mean different things to different people, cultures and religions.

Nonetheless if you continually see a set of numbers like 1:11 or 234 or 555 or 898 - there is a message there. Ask yourself what is this about and see if anything comes to mind. Do any of these numbers resonate with your intention you sent out to the universe? If you continually see the same numbers over and over and over - google them and read each modality's meaning for those numbers (numerology, angel numbers, law of attraction numbers, vibrational energy numbers). Do any of the meanings resonate with your request to the universe? What is the universe trying to tell you?

Watch for reoccurring words - this is common if the universe is trying to get you to pay attention to something. You might have a friend bring up a topic on, oh I don't know discernment. Then that same day you pick up a new book and the first few pages of the introduction talk about how it is important for you, as the reader to hone your discernment skills. Then maybe you are doing some oracle cards or watching a tv show and the word discernment comes up again as a topic of discussion for consideration. This would be the universe's way of telling you that you need to understand and work on discernment.

Watch for Feathers Along Your Path - feathers are another sign that you are on the right path; or that change and transformation is coming or underway to help you to reach your right path. It also has meaning in the angelic realm, that your angels are there with you every step of the way. Feathers just mean the universe is aligning with you on some level, and it is just letting you know.

Sitting Quietly, Asking & Being Present - sitting mindfully, with your eyes closed and your hands over your heart, breathing slowly and deeply tells your body your are safe. Take 4 slow deep breaths in this position and feel how your nervous system just completely calms itself. Your mind will start to slow. Now ask a question like "what is the next step that I can take today, to help manifest my goal of prosperity and abundance?". Then sit and pay attention to your body. Quiet your mind. Focus on your breathing and wait for the short response from your heart. Then universe can "download" information when you are in this state of calm, quiet and openness.

Watch for experiences that appear to be coincidences; know they are not - and explore what it is you are to learn from this encounter or experience. There is NO Such Thing As A "COINCIDENCE" Everything Has Meaning!!!

Be Alert - Be Open - Be Accepting - Go With The Flow

2. Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

I remember when I wanted to have a complete career change. I had no idea what I was going to be doing or how to go about it, as I had already been turned down for several other positions. I always came in second; or sometimes I would come in first but the other person was such a close 2nd and they were already trained, they chose the other person over me. These were clear universal signs to me, that I was not on the right path in life. I knew I wanted out of the organization I was currently in, and was open to any opportunities that came my way.

In September I started doing emotional freedom tapping (EFT) around releasing my current job to another. I tapped that I wanted to allow someone else an opportunity at my job; freeing me up to start a completely new path helping people. I tapped that I was willing, able and eager to release this position, title, pay cheque to another and walk forward into a new uncharted path. I then tapped on what my new ideal life would be like. I closed my eyes and visualized as I did the EFT tapping. I would say things like I have autonomy in my new career, where I am truly physically and emotionally helping others reach their highest potential. I will be making my own hours and taking time off when and as I need it, to ensure self care and maintenance. I am making money to contribute to the household and pay the bills. I am so incredibly happy and grateful to be able to be doing something I love.

By December I put in my notice and left my position to start my own business, Harmony Hands Energy Healing. Tapping was one of the tools that helped me reprogram my thinking, visualize the goal and through every decision and step make mindful choices that led me one step closer to my goal.

EFT tapping and "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards and all the other techniques out there that have you visualize your ideal life or situation, release any negative programming and reprogramming your future vision, all using the same principles.

It is about being clear with the universe about what you want. All of the techniques help you raise your vibration (remember we want our hertz reading to be about 200 / 250 at all times). They all help you to visualize and feel the emotions that come with reaching the goal before you even start. These emotions are tied to satisfaction, pride, love, harmony, joy, bliss, pleasure, peace and contentment. These high vibrational emotions help to raise and maintain the high vibration within you.

Jessica Ortner has a great "how to" EFT video

3. Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity

Crystals have various vibrations (hertz readings). Some vibrate very high and fast; others not so much. Most crystals have some alignment with our organs, biological systems, our emotions, thoughts and feelings and our overall bodies. Crystals are programmable (think about programmable quartz crystals in watches and computers) and can be used when trying to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life. Some great crystals for helping to manifest more abundance and prosperity in one's life are:


Citrine is known to help with:

  • manifesting personal will

  • dispelling negative energies, thoughts, emotions and feelings

  • acquiring wealth (known as the "merchant's stone")

  • raising one's vibration and bringing happiness & joy

Green Jade:

Green Jade is known to bring:

  • abundance

  • health

  • manifesting energy into matter

  • prevents greed

  • brings joy

  • heals "poverty conscious" or "lack perspectives"

  • heals beliefs around money being a measure of worth

  • soothes nervous system, calms the heart

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is known to help with:

  • attracting good luck

  • attracting abundance

  • attracting success

  • vitality

  • growth

  • optimism

  • joy

Tiger's Eye:

Tiger's Eye helps one with:

  • discernment

  • mental clarity

  • helps one to reach their goals

  • bringing balance

  • brings harmony

  • protection against dissonant energy

  • grounding

Cautionary Note: The raw fibrous form of Tiger's Eye contains asbestos and should never come in contact with your skin. Tiger's Eye you purchase at crystal shops will most likely be the polished and sealed type and those are ok to touch your skin in moderation.

You can put one of each crystal in a little sachet under your pillow, or put them in your purse. You can carry them around in your pocket, put them in your car or your office. Carrying them on your person is one way of tapping into their amazing vibrations for abundance and prosperity.

Another way to tap into their vibrational energy is by using and activating a crystal grid with crystals for abundance.

Grids are based on sacred geometry and have their own very powerful meanings. Different crystal grids are used for different intentions, so ensure you choose one with an alignment with your intention for prosperity, completing goals, abundance, balance and harmony is crucial.

One such grid is the Seed of Life:

(Abundance & Prosperity Grid charging in the sunshine)

The Seed of Life Grid consists of seven overlapping circles with an outer circle. The six outer circles are associated with harmony, balance and truth. This symbol can be used when wanting to see something through to completion. You can also use the outer circle to create a layer of protection.

In the above picture, we are using the Seed of Life grid from our teachings of sacred geometry. Our center focussing crystal is a large citrine. The supporting circle is a combination of more citrine and green jade. The influencing circle on the outside is a combination of green aventurine and tiger's eye. Outside of the Seed of Life Grid is a ring of single point quartz crystals. If you place the base of the crystal at the ring of the grid, with the point of the crystal facing outwards, the intention is to send prosperity, abundance, good luck, harmony and balance from the center of the grid outwards through the quartz and out into the room.

4. Meditating On Prosperity & Abundance With Ease

There are many guided meditations for prosperity and abundance, that will help you to align your energy, your subconscious and your conscious with your desires.

I have found the best time to do these types of meditations are at bedtime, as it is so relaxing and puts you into a space of being open to change, creativity and identifying opportunities that will help you move one step closer to your goal.

Youtube has great options for meditations and there are also several Apps for meditation. One of my favorite meditation apps is "Insights Timer" because it shows you who else around the world is meditating with you. Here is one of my favorites for prosperity and powerful abundance:

5. Learn to Identify What Is Holding You Back Emotionally

Do you have childhood programming that saw you in a state of "lack" or always having to be in a state of "want" so you continue to perpetuate that reality as an adult? It feels normal, comfortable and you know how to manage a state of lack or want.

Do you have childhood programming about "being worthy" to have prosperity or abundance? Being allowed to have it and spend it as you like? Were you told those nice things were for people with money, not us.

Identifying the subconscious limiting beliefs from childhood programming is huge for releasing those negative dialogues that are preventing you from obtaining abundance and prosperity. There are several methods to release those limiting beliefs and work at reprogramming your thinking, including:

  • Access Consciousness - Access Bars

  • Reiki or Crystal Reiki

  • Craniosacral

Once you are able to release any childhood programming you are still caring around pertaining to prosperity and abundance there will be nothing holding you back from reaching your goals!!

6. Clearing Physical Blocks

Sometimes through life's traumatic events we lock up stress in our physical bodies in the form of energy blocks (usually inflammation areas, hot spots where there are bunched up neurons or sites of injury).

Physical trauma might be tied to emotion stress that has manifested as a physical ailment (tumor, migraines, IBS, etc.); or it might be emotional stress about a physical event that has been locked inside muscles and bones (emotions too raw to have been processed at that point in time, have been suppressed).

"Physically locked stress trauma" is easily released with help from qualified practitioners who gently help you to move and release those physical blocks, unlock bunched up neurons and ensure your energy pathways are moving free and clear.

You can clear physical blocks in numerous ways including:

= yoga

= stretching

= meridian tapping

= energy maintenance

= reiki

= crystal reiki

= craniosacral

= hands on healing or quantum touch

= many other modalities by different names that help to open, elongate and encourage energy movement throughout one's body


Well there you have it. These are the 6 techniques I have used, and continue to use today for enhancing my abundance and prosperity in my life. In turn, as life aligns with my intention, my gratitude, joy, happiness, contentment and bliss keep rising. My hertz readings are high, my vibrations are positive and my alignments are in process at varying steps.

If you have additional ideas or techniques that you use for fostering abundance and prosperity, I would love it if you could share! I love to learn new approaches and techniques in an interest of sharing and helping others and myself, reach our highest and greatest potential.

Thanks for listening,

Namaste .... laurie

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