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6 Easy Steps To Align Your Heart And Your Brain !!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Do you ever feel like your "mind brain" is going in a direction that is completely contrary to your heart's desires? Maybe you have a feeling that what you are doing no longer aligns with your principles, values, integrity or your intuitive sense of what is right for you? You know that feeling between what people "expect you to do" versus what your heart is telling you that you should do for your own happiness, fulfillment and purpose. We all have that feeling from time to time. Maybe you are in a relationship that you ``KNOW`` in your heart is not for your greatest and highest good. You may even know that relationship is hurting you or holding you back from soaring to your highest potential. Or maybe you are in a job that you dread every day that you head to work. You ``KNOW`` you are on the wrong path, in the wrong job but you aren`t sure what steps to take to get out off the hamster wheel you are on and align yourself with what you truly want. That feeling of complete disconnection between your heart and your mind brain is what we are going to focus on here. That disconnected feeling is an indication that your brain and your heart are no longer in alignment and you need to take action, before the imbalance manifests itself in physical ailments in your body (For example: stress related illnesses, anxiety, anger, digestive issues, headaches, depression, a feeling of being completely lost, aches & pains that don't have any apparent trigger, etc.) Your heart is connected to your higher self; guiding you towards your higher purpose that you are on this planet to fulfill. Continually going against your heart`s desires, your higher purpose in life and things that are for your greatest and highest good only lower your hertz reading (your body`s healthy vibration). Lower vibrations in your body (below 200 hertz) are where disease, degeneration and illness reside. The higher your vibration, the healthier you will be both physically and mentally. Aligning your mind brain and heart brain for your highest and greatest good is one way to raise your vibration. "In 1994 scientists discovered the existence of about 40,000 brain-like cells (called sensory neurites) arranged as a neural network in our hearts. In other words, we have a brain in our heart that can work independently, as well as in harmony, with the brain in our head! Studies have shown that our heart-brain can remember, it can sense the world, feel emotions and answer the deepest questions of our lives. And it can do all of these things magnitudes of times faster than the brain in our head! This scientific fact, and the discoveries that have followed, give new meaning to ancient practices of using our heart/brain relationship in our everyday lives. From super immune systems and supercharged youth hormones to immortal cells and direct access to our intuition and subconscious mind, I’ll be sharing the time-tested techniques of how we create, access and strengthen this ancient relationship between our heart and our brain. With much love, deep gratitude, and warmest hugs, Dr. Gregg Braden Santa Fe, New Mexico"

Scientists have also discovered that your "heart brain" contains 40,000 sensory neurites. (feel free to google any of this information - it is all scientific FACT) Your "mind brain" contains millions of these sensory neurites. That is why your brain is the main "problem solving center". This is why your brain is soooo hard to shut off, you are struggling to quiet millions of sensory neurites in your brain - an insurmountable task for anyone! It is why when you have a problem, you receive a multitude of possible resolves from your brain's prefrontal cortex working through that problem for a variety of possibilities, pros and cons, cause & affect, etc. Your brain analyzes all possibilities, options and outcomes keeping you awake through the night as it tries to resolve a problem by morning.

The 40,000 sensory neurites in your heart do not have the capacity for extensive, layered processing. Your heart has a very small vocabulary compared to your brain. Your heart speaks to you in 1 - 5 word answers and rarely in complete sentences. Your heart will not give you a "pro/con" answer. It will not analyze anything. The answers you get from your heart are also referred to as your "gut instinct" or your "intuition". It is that little voice inside of you that is connected to your higher self, for your greatest and highest good. It helps steer you in the right direction, aligning you with your higher purpose in life, bringing you joy, happiness, fulfillment and purpose.........

If only we could connect our "mind brain", the problem solving center, with our "heart brain"'s intuitive direction for our highest and greatest good. How wonderful would life be if every decision our brains were considering, analyzing and resolving aligned with our heart's desires for our greatest and highest good; ensuring we are aligned with our "right path in life" fulfilling our life's purpose, no matter what that looks like for each of us.

Steps To Align Your Heart Brain With Your Mind Brain:

Well you can do this yourself in the comfort of your own home. It only takes about 5 mins every day. You can even do the alignment at bedtime as you drift off to sleep. It is extremely easy:

Step 1: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Doing this at bedtime, once you are all settled in for the night is a perfect time for this.

Step 2: Place both your hands on top of one another directly over your heart chakra (dead center of your chest). Simply by touching the skin and the heart chakra, your brain immediately directs its attention to this location. It instinctively starts to "pay attention" to the area you are touching (remember the brain and heart have SENSORY neurites) and starts to align its focus to the heart center.

Step 3: Close your eyes and breath deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Slow, long and cleansing breaths. Take about 8 - 10 long slow cleansing breaths. Your body breathes slowly and deeply when it is safe. By breathing in this manner you are communicating to your brain, you are safe, slow down, relax, chill out .....

Step 4: Pay attention to your body's sensations. You started out being "mind busy", anxious, stressed, worried and tense. With every deep breath exhale, notice how your nervous system starts to relax. Notice how your heart rate begins to slow. Notice how your mind/brain starts to focus on your heart, the heat from your hands touching your skin and your breathing. Notice how your tension, stress, anxiety and worry starts to melt away, lessening with each inhale. Step 5: Do nothing else but hold your hands on your heart center and breath until you fall asleep. If you are not in bed, just ensure you have had at least 5 minutes of quiet to conduct this exercise.

What you are doing is telling your brain to start focusing on your heart; to start listening to your heart.

Step 6: Repeat every night.

Over a very brief time, your subconscious will start making decisions based upon your mind/heart connection. Knowing that it is safe, calm and peaceful to connect the mind brain and the heart brain. It is healing for your body to do this. You will start to get a feeling of renewed direction. You will be more open to the changes that are needed in your life to facilitate the mind/heart alignment. Your stress levels will reduce because you are starting to focus on the ``right path`` for you. You will feel lighter, vibrating higher and with a more positive, optimistic outlook.

The path through the ``change`` taking you to your life`s right path and your higher purpose might be a bit bumpy at the beginning as you start making decisions that align with your highest and greatest good. People around you might not understand the changes they are seeing in you. You will no longer fit into their ``boxed image`` of who you are, how they perceive you or how you are supposed to act. Stay the course. Be strong. Follow your heart. Your heart knows exactly what is best for you, it only has YOUR best interests at the forefront. Your heart wants you to be happy, to be soaring to your highest potential and for you to be following your purpose.

Your heart is your best friend. You can make your heart brain the `captain` of your mind brain just by aligning the two. The heart brain will give the mind brain the goal; the mind brain can problem solve how to reach that goal. Every decision you make, consicously or subconsciously, your mind brain will analyze against your heart brain`s desires. Over time, things will slowly fall into place.

Give it a try, every night for about two weeks and see if you don`t notice some changes in yourself, in your decisions, in your responses to stressors and in those around you. When you connect your heart and your mind, calm your nervous system and quiet the ``chatter`` your entire being will get a sense of peace, purpose and calm. When you are living your ``right path`` following your purpose, your body`s natural vibration will rise and you will attract more opportunities & people that will help with your heart`s goals.

If you would like more information on the mind - heart brain connection, please feel free to contact me:

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Facebook: @HarmonyHandsEnergyHealing


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