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To Reiki or Not To Reiki

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We have all heard them... those nasty Reiki Myths you hear like: "it is witch craft" or "it is satanic" or "there is always a catch" or "just another bunch of hooey" or "it's all a lot of BS".... ""it is a scam to take your money" ... well before you pass judgment on something you have absolutely no knowledge of, please read on .... then go try a session and see for yourself ....

Reiki is both a scientific process as well as a spiritual one.

On the science side is quantum physics which teaches us that we are more than what we see; that we are 99% energy and only 1% matter (it's actually less than 1 % but I'm just rounding for simplicity). We know through measuring, an average person waking up is about 250 hertz. When the person opens up to negative emotions (sadness, grief, anger, worry, etc.) their hertz drop significantly, on a sliding scale all the way down to 25 hertz. When the person opens up to positive emotions like joy, love, happiness, bliss, forgiveness, etc. their hertz reading raises incredibly, reaching as high as 700 - 800 hertz. We all have met one of those super happy - super bubbly - high vibe people. They are vibrating to such high positive emotions they are emitting a high vibe of 700 - 800 hertz.

We can't see the other 99% but we can sure feel it. When someone creepy walks in the room and you get a weird "vibe" then your hair stands up on end. That is you picking up on someone else's negative energy vibration. Their hertz reading would be much lower than yours, and you would be able to sense that. Or when someone super happy comes along on a day when you are super gloomy, and just being near them makes you happy. That is you picking up on their higher vibration (hertz reading) than you have. You would be drawn to that as your body's energy systems naturally gravitate to higher vibrational sources (forests, beaches, creeks, streams, waterfalls, nature in general, barefoot on mother earth, etc.)

Keeping your hertz reading high allows you to experience all the positive emotions, the positive healing vibrations for a healthy balance. Disease, degeneration and sickness all live in the lower vibrations, below 200 hertz. The more one can avoid those lower vibrations the better one will feel. Reiki helps to keep the energy pathways flowing, removing physical and emotional energy blocks. This aids in maintaining a higher vibration, just as a state of being.

When performing Reiki the practitioner is capturing the negative charge from the grounding of mother earth, concentrating on pulling that negative energy charge up through their feet, along their legs, up their spine and out their hands. It is a seriously concentrated effort to visualize and move that energy through the body and out the hands. Most practitioners get extremely hot to the point they are sweating. Their palms may be warm, but their fingers are cold. There are physiological processes that occur to the practitioner during the channeling process, including that their hands emit 7 - 10 hertz all on their own.

At the same time that the energy is flowing up from mother earth up, the practitioner is also concentrating on capturing the positive charge from our atmosphere. This is done through the crown of the head, down the neck and along the arms flowing out through the hands. The practitioner becomes like a charged battery, capturing negative and positive charges, and acting as a conduit for the energy to flow. The client's body is attracted to that energy and absorbs it where it needs it the most. The combined negative and positive charge is what helps to bring the body back into balance. Think about it ... we are electric. Our heart is electric. Our brain is electric. Our meridians, neurons, neurites - all electric. We measure our wellness with electrical medical equipment (ECG, EEG, CAT, etc.)

Some practitioners will combine meridian sweeping or tracing to help ensure your meridians are running in the right direction. This is a magnetic process, which helps to activate neurons and neurites, ensuring your energy systems are fully open.

Interested in more science?

  • Peer Reviewed Double Blind Studies

  • CNN Video Report on Reiki in Hospitals

  • Reports & Endorsements from The Mayo Clinic

  • Numerous studies & reports on how Reiki helps the body heal itself

On the spiritual side (not to be confused with religious side), the practitioner connects with mother earth, their angels, guides, ascended masters (wise people like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Usui Reiki Masters, etc. ), helpers (passed on ancestors) and for some God or The Creator.

When performing Reiki there are several spiritual processes that some practitioners practice.

The practitioner ensures the client is comfortable, grounded and relaxed.

Before the treatment begins the practitioner says a little prayer to their angels, guides, ascended masters, helpers and if the person so chooses the Creator or God as well. In this prayer they are calling on all those that can step forward at this point in time, to help the practitioner be the best channel for capturing the Reiki energy for the client's Highest and Greatest Good. The practitioner may also call upon the client's angels, guides, ascended masters and helpers to help the client be the best Reiki recipient they can be for their Highest and Greatest Good. This is called the intention; and it sets the tone and intention for the healing session. The practitioner can add additional intentions for the client like ".... for the client's Highest and Greatest Good, with special consideration for the client's sore knee". However the Reiki energy that is captured and channeled by the practitioner is absorbed by the client's body, where the body needs it the most. Sometimes the client will have a sore knee; but Reiki helped the client heal their broken heart instead that day.

Once the practitioner is ready they start to draw ancient Japanese symbols either in their own hands or over the client's body. These ancient symbols have strong intentions associated with them and help the practitioner focus and amplify their own intention and channeling abilities.

During the Reiki treatment the practitioner is communicating with their angel and guides, calling on extra support when needed or taking direction as given. This is also known as intuition! Everyone has it; everyone can hear it, you just have to listen! As each position changes additional Reiki symbols may need to be drawn for additional support.

The practitioner can touch all positions on the client's body; or just some of the positions (back of head, knees, shins, feet); or not touch any of the positions and just do the entire Reiki treatment 4 - 6 inches above the body. I personally like doing a combination, but find when my hands are above the client's body versus on top of it, I can feel the energy flowing better.

After the session is over the aura is swept and the client is clear and connected.

Reasons To Try Reiki:

Reiki is a COMPLIMENTARY modality for healing that can be safely used in conjunction with western medicine. It is NOT an alternative therapy at all !!!!

When we go to the Doctor we are tending to our "matter", our body that ails us. Who do we turn to for our energy needs? When we need to activate and align our meridians, clear and balance our chakras, sweep our auras, tap our own meridians, flush our lymphatic system and help us learn how to heal our own energy "woes"; who can we turn to?

We focus so much on the tangible; what we can see, feel and touch; but we spend almost no time in our lives to focus on our energy needs. We don't spend any time even learning what our energy needs even are!! I was just as guilty of this as anyone. I got caught up in the job, in the rat race, in making money to pay for things I didn't really even need, to impress people I didn't even like, just to avoid judgment and ridicule.

It wasn't until I quit my job and did some serious soul searching that I realized how bad I had let things get. I was burnt out, stressed out, riddled with anxiety and fear, worried about my job, my life, my family. I was sick to my stomach, pains in my body from different energy blocks I had neglected. The stress had caused a 5 lb tumor, removed the year before. I thought I had slowed down. I thought I had been taking care of my needs; but it wasn't until I got off the hamster wheel that I realized the pace at which I was maintaining. I realized just how lacking my own self care had been. I was no longer grounded, connected or clear. I was so thankful for Reiki at that time. I did daily Reiki sessions on myself which helped to alleviate my anxiety and have the stress and worry just melt away. Honestly if it wasn't for Reiki releasing me from the grasps of anxiety, calming my nervous system and helping me to heal both my physical and energetic blocks, I don't know what I would have done.

Here are some great reasons to consider Reiki as one of your tools in your wellness toolbox:

  1. Deep Relaxation

  2. Calms The Nervous System

  3. Alleviates Anxiety And Worry

  4. Alleviates Stress

  5. Heals Emotional Wounds

  6. Improves Sleep Patterns, Duration and Cycle

  7. Improves Mental Functioning And Clarity

  8. Relieves Physical Pain, Stiffness and Tension

  9. Accelerates The Natural Healing of Wounds

  10. Rejuvenates You When Feeling Drained

  11. Clears Energetic Stress In Physical Body (Muscles, Tendons, Bones, Ligaments, etc.)

  12. Over Time Can Help To Alleviate Chronic Problems

  13. Helps To Maintain Your Energy Pathways To Prevent Disease

  14. Helps You To Consciously Process And Change Negative Conditioning

  15. Helps to Regulate Your Biological Systems

  16. Activates and stimulates the immune system

Regularly maintaining your energy body, your physical body and your emotional body with the healing properties of Reiki will ensure your mind, body and spirit will be balanced.

Choosing a Reiki Practitioner

I personally believe that people will resonate with a practitioner or they won't. If one practitioner isn't really getting the results you need and you don't feel any connection then try a different one. No good practitioner will be offended at all, as we all realize that different energies mesh with different people at different times in their lives. It is all for the greatest and highest good of everyone.

I also believe, and have witnessed well intended practitioners doing their very best for the highest & greatest good of their clients, right along side practitioners who are only in it for a quick easy buck. It is important to be selective when choosing a Reiki Practitioner to work with you. The channeling of energy is an intimate process, whereby you are receiving energy through the practitioner and healing yourself. You want to make sure you find someone you can trust and feel safe working with. You may experience raw emotions that flood out. You may want to share your experiences and reflections. You need someone you can connect with and feel supported by through a process of self healing.

You also want to choose someone who is clear and connected themselves. You want to make sure the practitioner is practicing what they preach. Reiki practitioners should be performing self Reiki sessions on themselves at least once a day, even if it is only a few minutes a day. They should be taking steps to stay grounded as they work with so many various clients. They should exude a feeling of calm and peace; of welcoming and true caring. You will know your perfect matched practitioner when you meet them. Your intuition will clearly tell you and the universe will clearly guide you - all you have to do is listen and pay attention; then act on the gentle nudges you are being given.

Here are some simple questions to help you explore choosing the practitioner that is right for you.

  • How many clients do you take in a week? (This tells you how often they practice Reiki on others; when you give Reiki you get Reiki, so it helps practitioners to maintain clear energy pathways. It will also tell you how burnt out they might be - a burnt out practitioner will not be of service to anyone until they regroup)

  • How long does a normal session take from start to finish? (Some will limit their sessions to 1 hour, then "next" - which is perfectly fine for some. Others may have their sessions booked for 1.5 hours allowing the client extra time settling in and regrouping afterwards. Others may even have longer timeframes)

  • What type of energy practices do you do, that you would recommend for me to try? (Look for them to engage in one or more of these activities regularly: Tai chi, qigong, meditation, yoga, hiking, hugging a tree, walking barefoot on the grass, Epsom salt baths, joyful activities (singing, dancing, laughing), meridian tapping, etc.)

  • What is the process you go through for the treatment? Are there any before or after session practices? (This will tell you if they take time to ground their clients before each treatment, or if they go through a deep breathing or relaxation exercise with the client prior to the treatment or if there is a period of time set aside at the end to grab a glass a water and debrief )

  • Do you offer discounts for anyone? (This will show you their compassion for their community at large. Do they offer senior discounts? Do they offer discounts for serious ill clients? Do they have any incentives or bonus programs like a customer appreciation card or the like?)

  • What are your rates and how do I pay? (In northern BC, $60 - $80 is about the range for Reiki treatments. Don't let price impact your choice, just know what they are charging before you go. Some practitioners are legitimate businesses and will have a Point of Sale terminal accepting credit cards and interac; others will be cash only or etransfer)


I hope you will give Reiki a try. Whether you are a scientist, an atheist, a spiritual being or a religious being, a cat or a dog; Reiki is for everyone!! There is no pain. There is no risk. There is only relaxation, relief, ease and a more joyful outlook!! You do have the power to heal your own energy woes!!

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Certified Energy Practitioner

If you are interested in Reiki, Crystal Reiki or Distance Reiki you can reach me at:



FB: @HarmonyHandsEnergyHealing

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