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What Are Crystals?

All solid matter is made up of atomic particles arranged in some definite organized crystalline structure called a ‘lattice’.  This lattice structure allows for the flow of electromagnetic energy to move through it.

We can use this lattice framework of the crystal to connect our energy with the crystal’s energy, enabling us to take advantage of benefits of working with crystals. It also helps us to project the combined energy (ours and the crystal’s) out into the quantum field.

So, what are crystals?

Crystals are solid symmetrical structures with regularly ordered atoms and molecules that are packed in repeating patterns which extend in all three dimensions of space. The shape and atomic structure of a crystal define it. The defects within a crystal can also define its healing properties and rather than being seen as irregularities, can be intuitively used with powerful effects.

Each crystal formation is unique and each one has its own unique energy frequency. Their unique energy vibrations can align with our energies including the energies of our organs, processes, thoughts, and intentions. Crystals can help to align and increase energy in our bodies and can help us focus our thoughts and intentions. Therefore, crystals are so good for healing, on many levels.

Every crystal’s unique healing properties are determined by how the crystal is formed. Crystals are usually formed in liquid, such as water or magma; but can also be formed when gas pushes up from the earth.

When crystals are formed in hotter environments, there is more bonding that occurs internally resulting in a denser, stronger, and physically harder crystal being formed. When crystals are formed in colder environments, there is less bonding internally resulting in a lighter, more porous, and fragile crystal being formed. The physical pressure that is exerted onto a crystal, as it is being formed, also helps to increase its density. The more geopathic pressure that exists, the stronger and denser the crystal will be. 

Not all types of crystals are the same. You may find an amethyst in Australia has different elements than an amethyst found in China. Not all crystals are identical in elemental make up, even if they are both called by the same name. Different locations around the world have different elements, minerals, and properties. So, an amethyst from one location may react to you differently than an amethyst from another location.

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