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Sacred Geometric Shapes


Sacred Geometric Crystal Shapes


The shape or cut of the crystal helps with different energetic alignments such as grounding, healing, connecting, balancing and protection.

Plato indexed the five main shapes from the three basic forms of a triangle, square and pentagon, using mathematics to explain our universe. Here are the main shapes Plato mapped:


1.      Hexahedron - This shape has grounding properties and is good for releasing tension and aiding focus. This is a great shape to use for the root chakra as it builds on a strong foundation for structure moving forward.

2.      Icosahedron - This crystal helps to bring emotional balance and overall calm to the body. It can help with communication and achieving higher levels of consciousness. This is a great shape to use when working on issues with the sacral chakra, as it creates harmony and balance, peace, and a sense of evenness.

3.      Tetrahedron - This shape helps to focus energy at the base, pulling it out or opening it up. It helps to channel energy from the base to the point. This is a shape aligned with truth, balance and stability and is therefore a good shape to choose when working with the solar plexus chakra.

4.      Octahedron – This is two pyramid shapes reflecting one another. It is one tetrahedron facing up, and the other facing down. This shape helps to bring compassion and balance, especially nurturing and healing energies. It helps us access our own inner heart centered truth, and as such is the perfect shape when working with the heart chakra.

5.      Dodecahedron - This shape reminds me of a soccer ball. It helps to remove blocks and shift into higher vibrational energies. It helps one to enhance communication including expression, improved connection, and an enhanced comprehension. It is a great shape to use when working with the throat, third eye or crown chakras because of its ability to enhance our communicative connections to higher realms.

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