Stress, Anxiety & Our DNA; How The Damage Happens & How To Repair It

I am a great believer in teaching people how they can take charge of their own wellness and start healing themselves from the inside out. Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., world renowned biologist and leader in the field of epigenetics, has discovered that 95% of illnesses are emotionally based. There are thoughts and feelings that lower our energy, resulting in our body's inability to function properly internally; which in turns results in some form of physical ailment manifesting.

We have all felt hurt, judgment, external pressures, fear, worry, anxiety and stress at one time or another. These are lower energy emotions that need to be processed and released from our body, mind and spirit on a regular basis. If left unchecked, these lower energies prevent the body's natural processes from regulating and healing itself. Instead of extra energy for thriving; your body only has energy for surviving. This creates stress in the body; which in turn creates stress in our mind. When we have stress in our minds, we tend to over think which prevents us from quieting our thoughts and getting a good, restful and restorative sleep.

When we are stressed and not able to properly release, reset and recharge, we create a situation where we are in a state of chronic stress. Our rational thought goes out the window, along with our patience. We may become short-fused or internalize. We may try to self medicate or regulate with other comforts (food, shopping,sex, escaping reality in some way).

I am going to share with you some of how stress impacts your body. I will also share with you simple tools – and I mean SIMPLE tools to empower you to release the stress, anxiety and tension; and start repairing your own damaged DNA strands.

So what does stress do in our bodies at the DNA level?


Dr. Dawson Church, Ph.D, author of “Mind to Matter” explains how chronic stress calcifies our DNA strands at the Telomere point. When you are in a state of stress, your body produces cortisol, which puts calcium into your system. Normally this is fine for short periods of time; but long-term cortisol infusion has damaging affects on your DNA.

You have telomeres at the ends of your DNA strands that help to bind your DNA and slow the process of aging. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand in your DNA that protect your chromosomes, like the little plastic tips at the end of shoelaces.

Without the coating, the shoelaces (or in this case the Telomeres) become frayed and the strings fall apart and the shoe lace no longer can do its job. When DNA strands become damaged by Cortisol, the cells in our body become damaged and they can no longer do their job. Stress literally calcifies your Telomeres and subsequently your cells. When your Telomeres are damaged and the DNA can no longer connect properly,and it can no longer produce healthy cells. When the DNA cannot produce healthy cells chronic illness, dis-ease and degeneration occur It is when your DNA is damaged that things go south with our health. It is true what people say "stress can kill you" one telomere end of a DNA strand, at a time.

The ONLY way you can repair your damaged telomeres is by reducing your cortisol levels and increasing your dopamine and serotonin (joy, happiness, bliss, pace and acceptance).


So how do we increase our dopamine neurotransmitter levels? Meditation is a great practice that helps to create wellness in the body, by increasing your body’s dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate our body’s nervous system. Your body produces dopamine; then your nervous system uses it to communicate between your nerve cells, neurons and sensory neurites.

Dopamine also governs:

· Motivation

· Heart Rate

· Blood Vessel Function

· Kidney Function

· Lactation

· Sleep

· Emotional Regulation

· Attention and Focus

· Control of Nausea and Vomiting

· Pain Processing

· Movement


How do we increase our serotonin levels? Meditation helps; but Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique, really helps by connecting the emotion to the “upset” or “event”. When you are able to connect and release lower energy emotions, your serotonin levels rise.

Serotonin governs:

· Regulating Your Mood & Social Behaviours

· Regulates Your Appetite and Digestive System

· Helps Regulate Your Sleep and Your Moods

· It Assists In Managing Memory

· It Regulates Our Sex Drive & Functioning

Having a balanced supply of Dopamine and of Serotonin in one’s body, means you will be happy, balanced, content and feel well.


When you live in chronic stress, your anxiety goes up. You don’t have the “calm peaceful centered self” anymore. What you do have is a “hyper sensitive, irrational, upset, angst” self. When you are in a state of stress and anxiety, everything seems completely overwhelming; and the littlest of things will set you off. You live in a place of fear and worry.

General Anxiety Disorder has become epidemic in our society today. General anxiety disorder is different than anxiety over phobias or fears. General anxiety disorder is developing in people over time, creeping in until one day they just can’t cope any more and start to get sick.

General Anxiety Disorder interferes with:

· your digestive system,