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10 Steps For Increasing Your Energy Levels

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Daily stressors, deadline pressures, demands from family and employers, lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of quality "me" time to recharge, all result in the draining of our body's energy levels. When our energy gets low, we are more susceptible to illness, negative emotions and a lack of motivation. This in turn spirals into feelings of being overwhelmed, defeated and emotional turmoil such as anxiety and eventually depression.

We all have to learn to live in this crazy world of chaos, busyness and not enough hours in the day to get everything you want to do, done. So how do we maintain a high energy level allowing us to tackle the challenges that come our way with ease and joy?

Steps to Raising and Maintaining Your Energy Levels

1. Breathe

I know this sounds rather obvious, but most of us do not breathe deep enough. When we are busy, flustered, rushed or are experiencing stress & anxiety, our breathing naturally becomes quite shallow.

Taking a moment to just notice your breath. Breathe in through your nose for 4 - 5 seconds; holding your breath for 4 - 5 seconds; then exhale your breath for a count of 8 seconds. Do this about 5 times.

This simple breathing technique allows your nervous system to slow down. The long slow exhales, help you to release stress and anxiety. The focus on counting the seconds help you to quiet your mind and allow your body to start to relax, releasing tension on every exhale.

2. Ground Yourself Every Day

When we get up in the morning, we put on our slippers and start to get ready for work or school. We then get dressed, putting on rubber soled shoes (insulators of electricity) and head out into our concrete world. We either work or go to school in insulated buildings, walk on concrete and continue to be disconnected from the negative charge of our earth's energy throughout the day. Then we come home, take off our shoes and live in a home that is insulated from the earth as well. We are almost 100% disconnected from the negative charge of the earth every day.

Our body's need the balance of the negative charge of mother earth, along with the positive ionic charge of the earth's atmosphere. We are bombarded daily by the positive ionic charge, that is fed by the sun's solar radiation emissions. We all have high positive charges in our bodies, but the negative charge - the "grounding" of our energy does not always occur.

Scientists have discovered that through "grounding" exercises, people's pain and inflammation start to dissipate. They also found chronic diseases were also positively impacted through a "grounding" process. Grounding helps to balance our internal energy flow. It helps to keep us balanced, in a neutral state so the body can help to recharge, release and heal itself.

The following video is called "The Science of Grounding" and it explains with scientific data, supported by peer review studies from Doctors and scientists, that daily "grounding" is essential for our overall health and wellbeing.

Now that you have seen the scientific evidence on the importance of daily "grounding" here are some simple steps you can incorporate into your day, to ground yourself :

  • Drink lots of water

  • Stand barefoot (or sock feet) on the grass outside

  • Take your shoes off in your house, no rubber soles

  • Use grounding crystals (black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, apache tears, onyx, jet, arfvedsonite, aragonite, red garnet, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, rhodonite, tektite, snowflake obsidian and blue tourmaline)

  • Epsom salt baths (grounding and cleansing)

  • Walk in nature

  • Hug a tree

  • Stand in the ocean with your bare feet

  • Put your hands in the earth (gardening)

  • Aromatherapy (especially Cedarwood)

  • Visualization (roots growing down your spine, down your legs, out your feet deep into the core of mother earth.)

  • Slow deep breaths, breathing in mother earth energy up through your feet until you feel the negative energy charge tingling in your feet and legs.

  • Magnet along the bottoms of your feet to help activate and elongate your meridians, neurons and sensory neurites.

  • Meditations

These are just some ideas to help you ground. The following meditation is a grounding meditation and can be done in the morning before you start your day. Grounding BEFORE you walk out the door will help you to repel the negativity you encounter in your day, with more ease and joy.

3. Ensure Your Meridians Are Running In The Right Direction

Your meridians are the little pathways in your body, just under the skin, that carry the electronic impulses of your neurons and sensory neurites through your body. The meridians in our body were identified and mapped over 3,000 years ago in Japan, and have been used ever since in Chinese and Japanese medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, Reiki, and other types of energy healing.

You can either trace your meridian segments one at a time; or you can do energy exercises specifically designed to activate, align and maintain your meridian pathways in your body.

I use Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine to help activate, align the meridians ensuring they are running in the right direction and for maintaining clear meridian pathways.

4. Ensure Your Chakras Are Clear & Activated

The Chakras throughout your body are the energy center points, which the meridians run through. They are like little charged energy wheels that give your body the boost of natural energy it needs. When your Chakras are out of alignment, running backwards, stalled or sluggish, your energy levels are impacted.

Ensuring the Chakras are clear, connected and turning well is essential to maintaining your energy levels as well. If you have an overactive Chakra you will feel very tired, over charged in one area of your life which creates unstable emotional responses. When the Chakras are out of balance, your perspective comes from that imbalance.

For example: If your heart Chakra was overactive you may experience a heightened emotional response, an over reaction, to simple events or challenges in your life. Your emotions are heightened and closer to the surface, so you feel exaggerated responses.

If your heart Chakra was underactive, you have closed off or shut down all or part of your emotions. You have withdrawn and closed your heart to new possibilities, people and love. When this happens it is the willing subconscious, ready to release & heal, arguing with the conscious mind that just doesn't want to go there and deal with whatever the issue is. When you have an underactive heart Chakra you will not feel a great sense of motivation or will to move forward, to change your situation.

Having an overactive or underactive Chakra, regardless of which one, has detrimental impacts to your overall balance and feeling of physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

One way to clear your Chakras is a guided meditation process where you visualize activating, releasing, clearing and aligning your Chakra centers. Here is a Chakra clearing guided meditation I use. There are many on youtube, so if this one doesn't resonate with you, try other ones until you find one that fits you better.

Do this at bedtime, so if you fall asleep it is all ok. The clearing will continue at a subconscious level.

5. Energy Stimulating Exercises

When we move our body, we are moving energy throughout our body. The movement does not have to be extensive or cardio in nature, the idea is you are moving your body to activate the flow of energy throughout your body.

Some suggestions for energy exercises include:

  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi Qigong

  • Walking

  • Hiking

  • Cycling

  • Meditation

  • Dancing

  • Movement with Rhythm

  • Being creative (art, constructing something, baking, etc.)

  • Do activities you enjoy and help you recharge

My favorite TaiChi Qigong exercise is from TaiChi Qigong Master Wing Cheung. It is about 20 mins long and is a very slow, easy and gentle energy exercise I recommend you try:

I created this movement with rhythm exercise to help increase and raise my client's energy levels. It is a fun exercise with drumming and solfeggio tones to help open, align and activate your energy centers from the root to the crown.

This is an exercise you can play while you are getting ready for work or school, while you re in the shower or after your long day is over and you want to quickly recharge.

It is such an invigorating exercise, I bet you won't be able to site still!!

6. Empathic Protection

Sometimes during our day we encounter people who are quite distraught, angry, sad or just "off". Sometimes after encountering these people we notice a change within ourselves. Maybe before you encountered this person you felt pretty good and generally happy. Then after the encounter with this person, you then feel tired and drained; all the motivation has been sucked out of you and are feeling similar to that person you just encountered. Sound familiar?

This is an example of you picking up someone else's negative energy vibration and absorbing it into your own energy field. Sometimes when we are super busy or feeling run down, we are more susceptible to this type of energy absorption than at other times when we are feeling calm, relaxed, centered and grounded.

There are simple ways to protect yourself from picking up on other people's emotions. I wrote a block about it at: . The following are tools you can use to help your empathic protection:

  • Grounding is critical

  • Crystals to dispel negative emotions (black tourmaline, agate, amber, amethyst, ammonite, selenite, charoite, chiastolite, red garnet, citrine, labradorite, obsidian, quartz, sugilite, unakite)

  • Aromatherapy

  • doTerra oils are recommended as they TRULY are organic, not just partially organic, but 100% organic. Oils you can try are:

Clove - helps you to set boundaries

Peppermint - lifts your spirits, gives you a joyful heart

Cedarwood - helps to ground you while you are connecting to people (great for large crowds)

On Guard - overall physical, emotional, spiritual cleanser and it smells amazing

  • Energy Healings

  • Reiki or Crystal Reiki

  • Kundalini Reiki

  • Access Consciousness

  • Mantras

Ask yourself "is this mine?" If your heart says NO, then say the following 3 times:

"Return to sender with consciousness"

"Return to sender with consciousness"

"Return to sender with consciousness"

7. Detox Your Body Regularly

As we process our challenges, past upsets and traumas and start healing physically, our body releases blocks to expedite the internal healing processes. These blocks are released and become toxins in our body.

Our lymphatic system is in charge of collecting, processing and releasing the toxins into our blood stream where our excretory system eliminates the toxins via our kidneys and away in our urine. Unlike our heart, which pumps our blood through our circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump and thus must be activated manually. If you are super active, then through your sheer movement you may already be activating your lymphatic system regularly. If you are not super active, then you will need to activate it manually from time to time.

Keeping your lymphatic system flowing is crucial to eliminating our body's toxins. Drinking lots of water will help to flush the toxins into the lymphatic system; but if the lymphatic system is sluggish or blocked, the toxins will just build up again.

I have put together a short video demonstrating how you can perform a neurolymphatic massage on yourself every 3 or 4 days, ensuring you are activating and maintaining your lymphatic system. Performing this neurolymphatic massage will ensure that your toxins are being eliminated helping your body to heal itself of toxins, dead cells and waste in your system.

8. Smudge Your Home, Your Car and Yourself

Smudging, particularly with sage or a sage mix, has been scientifically proven to reduce airborne bacteria for up to 30 days. Smudging also helps to cleanse and clear negative energies from your home, car, workplace and yourself.

I like to smudge my home after I have done a good cleaning. It feels good to tidy up, declutter, clean and then smudge my space. It gives my home a "lighter" feeling, a brighter happier feeling.

Steps for smudging:

  • Pickup a smudging stick, preferably with sage in it. You can get all sorts of combinations of juniper, lavender, sage, sweet grass, bay leaves, etc. for smudging. Go with whatever blend resonates with you. I like sweet grass and sage; or juniper, lavender and sage combinations as they smell so nice.

  • Set the intention for the smudging exercise. I usually say aloud:

"I am intending to smudge my home to clear any negative energies, fill my space with love and light, peace and truth."

  • Once my intention is set, I then get ready to light my smudge stick. I have a shell I use that I hold underneath the smudging stick in one hand. This takes a bit of practice, as you don't want to drop the shell but you need it to catch any twig/leaf embers that might fall from your smudge stick. You don't want the embers to hit the floor.

  • Once I have the smudge stick and shell in one hand, I light the smudge stick. Using a feather I then walk through my home waving the smoke throughout the room, doing one room slowly at a time.

  • As I wave the feather over the smoking smudge stick, I say the following:

"Fill this room with positive energy and positive light; let no negative energy be allowed. Fill this room with peace, love, light, truth and joy; repelling any negative energy, thoughts or emotions "

  • I walk very slowly, often having to relight my smudge stick. There is no "wrong" thing to say, so speak from your heart. The idea is you are cleansing your energetic space, removing any negativity and replacing it with love and light.

Smudging yourself, your car or your workplace is the same. With yourself you just fan the smudge smoke over you asking for healing, clearing and cleansing. For your car or your workplace you would use the same steps as in smudging your home.

9. Good Food Energy In - Good Energy Out

Part of maintaining a high energy vibration comes down to good basic nutrition. The energy of the food you put into your body, is absorbed by your body.

For example if you eat locally grown fruits and vegetables you know that your community members have put in a lot of their own energy and care to grow that food. Chances are it is even organic, reducing the toxins your body will have to process. You know where it is grown, how it is grown and that it is fresh produce.

When you buy foods from other countries, regardless of the country, that food has been picked early to ensure ripeness by the time it reaches its destination. That food has not been given the opportunity to absorb all its nutrients before being picked for market. The produce is sprayed with waxes and preservatives to ensure it looks as appetizing as possible for potential buyers. The produce is then trucked miles, sometimes over days, to reach retail outlets. So when it arrives at the store, it looks pretty good all shiny and preserved; but the nutritional value is not as high as produce that is allowed to ripen to its full potential, picked locally and put to market.

A consideration must be made for animal meat as well. Are the animals humanely destroyed? Or are they lined up in a row, watching as their friends and family are executed as they await their turn in line? Humanely destroyed animals have less stress, tension and fear in their energy fields and in their muscle meat; then inhumanely destroyed animals. The living conditions of animals is also a consideration. Are they healthy? Are the living conditions clean and promoting good nutrition for the animals? If not, what is the quality of the meat you are consuming?

Good energy food in equals good energy out. Be consciously aware of where your food is coming from, how it it processed and what level of toxins (preservatives, waxes, hormones, chemicals, etc.) are used in its processing.

Steer clear of:

  • Highly processed foods, with chemical preservatives that will become toxins in your body.

  • Foods that have to come from far away, as their nutritional value is very low compared to foods that come from local sources.

  • Animal food sources that are "mill like" where animals are crowded into dark spaces, pumped full of hormones with poor living conditions. You don't want that kind of negative energy and upset in your body.

  • Animal food sources that do not have humane ways of destroying the animal. Again, you do not want the fear, distress, terror and other negative emotions in your body.

  • Food sources with chemicals you cannot pronounce. Too many unnecessary toxins.

  • Food sources with a lot of preservatives. Again, too many toxins for your body to deal with.

10. Keeping A Neutral Alkaline Balance In Your Body

Keeping a good neutral PH balance, increasing the alkalinity and decreasing the acidity is paramount in reducing your body's inflammation. A high acidic biology actually exacerbates inflammation and disease. It is also an environment where cancer cells thrive. Reducing the acidity in the body helps to reduce your risk of chronic diseases, including cancer.

Several factors increase our body's acidity including stress, anxiety, worry, fear as well as acidic foods and inflammation.

Try your best to control the negative emotions that cause you upset, especially your stress, worry, anxiety and tension in your body. Here is a gentle meditation that is wonderful to do at bedtime or at the end of a particularly challenging day:

Foods To Avoid For Reducing Acidity In The Body:

  • caffeine,

  • sugar,

  • gluten,

  • dairy,

  • alcohol,

  • soda,

  • processed food,

  • artificial sweeteners, and

  • carbonated water

Foods That Reduce Your Body's Acidity Naturally:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Baking Soda Mixed With Water

  • Cucumbers

  • Lemons

  • Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Recipe = Like Lemonade:

  • 1/2 medium sized lemon sliced very thinly

  • 1/2 medium sized cucumber sliced very thinly

  • 1 inch piece of ginger, shredded OR 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger

  • 1/2 bag of mint tea leaves

Put all the ingredients into an empty juice jug (2 litre jug). Fill jug with filtered water. Place in fridge.

After 24 hours you can drink the alkaline water; but leave the lemons and cucumbers in it for 48 hours.

After 48 hours remove the lemons and cucumber. If it is too strong, dilute as needed.

This will last in the fridge for a week or more. It never lasts that long in my house, so I'm not sure how much longer than one week. But removing the lemons and cucumbers extends its shelf life.


Well that is it for today. These 10 suggestions for raising your vibration will in turn keep your energy levels high as you traverse the challenges of daily life.

Thanks for listening. Sending you love and light,


Laurie Fulford, PMP

Owner of Harmony Hands Energy Healing, Terrace, BC

Text: 250-615-6906

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