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Meridians And A Campfire

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It is a chilly September morning and I'm sitting at a campsite by a nice warm fire. My two dogs are sharing a raised doggy bed and my husband is the "fire master" and working on his 4th cup of coffee. This is my happy place, out in nature with a roaring fire and my family near by. I kick off my shoes and just recharge with the negative charge of mother earth. We need the negative charge to help neutralize our constant positive charge bombardment we receive from our atmosphere. It's all about balance. I love recharging in nature, with the sound of the wind through the leaves of the trees far above. The occasional squirrel chirping at something below or bird flying overhead. I love the sound of crackling wood in the foreground from the pine and hemlock. My dogs are at peace, my husband is in his zone.. my heart is full. This truly is my happy place.

While I'm recharging, feeling the mother earth energy start tingling in the bottoms of my feet, I realize physically, almost immediately, that the energy from the ground is being absorbed and starting to flow up my legs. It is such a relaxing sensation, reminds me how alive I really am. This is one of the ways I ground myself, one of my favorite ways. You have to take off your shoes though, because most of us wear rubber soles and rubber insulates us from the energy from mother earth. Think about it... rubber is an insulator of electricity... it makes sense.

As I continue to feel the energy move up my legs and into my lower back area, I become aware of the warm tingly feeling is travelling up different pathways, like warm little tiny miniature streams up my legs. The energy is using the meridians in my body to travel throughout my body. Just as arteries and veins are used by blood to move throughout the body; or as the lymphatic vessels are used by the lymphatic system. Meridians are the body's energy pathways, along which energy travels. There are 12 main meridian segments, along one singular meridian pathway. These segments are named for the corresponding area of the body that the meridian runs through. On top of the 12 main meridian segments, there are two other meridians that run front and back, around you called the Central and Governing meridians. They help bring it all together and align it with all the chakra energy centers.

Having clear energy pathways allows for the energy to freely flow throughout your body. When energy is flowing freely, your body can actually heal itself. It is when our energy becomes blocked that our neurons get bunched up and inflammation, degeneration and disease step in. If we can maintain clear meridian pathways, we are doing our part to help our body, help heal itself.

When you receive a Reiki treatment at Harmony Hands I work directly with my client's neurons, sensory neurites, meridians, chakras and energy layers, like the aura. I teach clients how to tap four key points on different meridians, improving the current state of wellness. I teach clients about the neurolymphatic system and how to maintain it.

Different meridians govern different ailments. For example, did you know that the Stomach Meridian segment aids in neck pain and allergies? (among so much more). Or did you realized that if you are having breathing issues related to asthma or lung inflammation if you trace the Lung Meridian? You start from where your arm would be stitched onto your body, all the way down the inside of your arm to the tip of your thumb, it helps to unblock any bunched up neurons along your Lung Meridian. Try that three to six times and see if it doesn't help reduce some inflammation and calm the breathing a bit.

Different meridians run in different directions. For instance did you know the Central Meridian runs up your center, where many of the front meridians run down the body to your toes?

Sometimes ailments are due to meridians continually running backwards. When energy pathways get overwhelmed or overworked they shut down, by reversing their polarity. It is how they try to regain strength. So for example if your Stomach Meridian was running backwards, walking and talking backwards might make you feel stronger. But unfortunately we do not walk or talk backwards. So resetting it and getting it to run in the right direction is key to maintaining an energy level to get us through our busy days. Ever notice around 2 pm or 3 pm you feel like you hit the energy wall? That is one or more of your meridians reversing themselves because they need a break and need to try and recharge themselves, at your energy level's expense.

So you can see how sometimes exhaustion is about your meridians running backwards and needing to recharge. Sometimes ailments are due to meridians being blocked, presenting as neuron "hot spots", which need to be cleared. If a person has a lot of "hot spots" there is a chance degeneration and/or disease might be present as well. Unblocking these neurons, allows for the free flow of energy to resume resulting in less inflammation and in turn, less pain. It enables the body to receive the energy it needs throughout the body, where it needs it the most. It empowers the body to heal itself.

Sometimes identifying which meridian is "off balance" can be tricky. There are energy testing / muscle testing techniques that can be performed, to help identify which meridian is the culprit. There are also very simple processes to test one's food prior to eating it, to get a reading on how well your body will absorb or adversely reject that food.

There are simple fixes you can do to help keep your energy flowing, balanced and clear. Here are some very basic techniques you can do on your own, to maintain your energy pathways, ensure your meridians are running forward and give you a bit more vitality in your day can be done in less than 10 mins.

  1. One of my favorites is the "Donna Eden Energy Routine". Once you learn it, it only takes 5 mins every day - and believe me, it works!!

2. Another technique you can use is meditation. There are numerous meditations out there for aligning your chakras, balancing your energy fields and pathways and helping you be more balanced. Youtube is a great place to visit, when searching for a meditation that will resonate with you. Another option is an app called the "Insights Timer". It is a meditation app that you can search by subject. There are guided meditations as well as just soft music or sounds. Both are great places to start.

3. Another great technique is yoga, as it helps to physically open up all the energy pathways and centers through stretching, focusing and connecting.

4. Tai Chi - Qigong is another great modality for helping you to connect with the energy, focus on your energy centers and heal through gentle movement.

5. Explore the world of Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping. It helps you to release of what is holding you back, while reprogramming your brain for a more positive outlok and plan moving forward. EFT Tapping is about tapping key acupressure points along different meridians to help you release and reprogram your brain.

There is a great "how to" video by Jessia Ortner:

You can also book yourself a Reiki session with a practitioner who can work with your meridians, getting them all activated and running in the right direction. Keeping your meridians open and clear is key to ensuring balance, health and a life free of unnecessary pain, degeneration and disease (before its time).

So get out there and recharge!! Start maintaining your meridians in whatever way works best for you! And find practitioners that resonate with you and are open to working with your meridians.

To learn more about meridians you can visit my web page at: or watch for my new Meridians Course coming out this fall.

If you would like to learn more about your own specific meridian blocks or have a private consultation for muscle testing or food testing, please send me an email.

Have a great day! ... now back to my Happy Place...

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Energy Practitioner / Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Harmony Hands Energy Healing

Terrace BC


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