10 Signs I Discovered Along The Road To My "Right" Life Path!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you were on the "right path" in life? The path we are each supposed to be on? Is there such a thing as a "right path" or your "best path" or your "life path"? Maybe life just happens without reason or cause. I have wondered these things often. I used to struggle with that nagging little feeling inside that something was just "off" a little bit, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

I tried looking externally for the answers; maybe a new job location would put that little feeling to rest. Maybe a completely different career - start fresh with something new and exciting! Maybe I should try moving to a different house in the same town - a change of scene is what I need! Maybe I need to just take time to declutter, that will probably do it! Ok what if I try all of the above!

I quickly learned that in order to understand if I was on the right path or not, I couldn't look externally at all. I couldn't just randomly try things to see if they would make that little nagging feeling inside go away. I couldn't just "guess" at what I needed. I learned quickly that the answers were not outside of me at all; they were within.

Looking within meant connecting what my heart desired and was passionate about, with what my logical, analytical brain wanted. I had to quiet my mind, my "busy". I used various modalities from meditation to Taichi, Qigong to yoga, Reiki and energy work, walking in nature, grounding daily and so many other techniques to help quiet my mind, so I could hear my heart.

I also continually asked the universe for a sign. I would wake up and say "Dear universe please give me a sign today, that I am on my right path in life." The universe guides you if you are open to listening and seeing the signs. It nudges you along or confirms you are on your path of purpose or stops you cold in your tracks before you jump off the right path. Here are ten signs I discovered that confirmed for me, that I was on my chosen life path. You may find them helpful: 1. You Keep Missing the Mark

When you continually strive for a higher goal (like a higher paying job in your field or a promotion in another organization) and you continually miss the mark. You try and try and try, but never quite make it to the next step or you just miss nailing the interview. This is the universe stopping you from jumping into a worse situation than you are in now. Or it is stopping you from jumping off your path all together. Be grateful to the universe for not always giving you what you wished for; as it might be a blessing in disguise. You may have ended up in worse situation than you are currently in now.

2. You Wake Up Excited Every Day

Do you sleep until the alarm sounds? Do you roll over and hit the snooze button a few times before deciding you have to get up? Do you run through all the negative events you have facing you after your feet hit the floor and you actually start your day? Do you think "what body part could I mame, but not seriously, so that I could get some time off work?" These are all indications that you are absolutely NOT on the "right path" for you and it is time for a serious change.

When you are doing what you love, and you are passionate about your purpose and are fulfilling your heart`s desires, you can't wait to start your day. You may even wake up with new ideas and new strategies you want to try. You look forward to the new challenges you will be tackling that day, knowing they will bring you one step closer to your goal. You may have no solid "plan" for the future, but you know it will all work out because you believe so strongly in yourself. You do not find your work mundane or an energy drain; but rather you are recharged by doing exactly what you love!! You feel at peace inside, knowing you are on your "right path".

3. Timing

The old saying "Timing is Everything" is absolutely true!!

Have you ever been thinking about a person only to have them show up in your life within a day or two? Maybe you run into them in the store or out of the blue they phone. There is a reason!! There is some information that this person is meant to share that will help you along your path or that will confirm your path or that will prevent you from stepping off your path. Pay attention, this is not an accidental encounter.

Maybe you are considering learning a new skill and shortly thereafter you find an advertisement for a course in your town for exactly what you were wanting to learn. It is not coincidence!!! The universe is putting opportunities in your sight, so that you can choose to make positive choices to get on and stay on your path.

Have you ever been struggling with a problem that you can't find an answer to? Then just as you tell yourself "I just don't know what to do about ..... " a post on FB pops up, seemingly speaking directly to you, about your exact problem. It helps you see your situation in a completely new light, giving you hope and clarity. It is not a coincidence!

Or maybe the perfect person walks into your life, someone who knows exactly how to deal with a situation and is there to help you through the struggle. It is not a coincidence either! It is the universe giving you support along your path.

4. Nay Sayers Have Zero Impact

When you are solidly on your path in life it doesn't matter what anyone says. It doesn't matter if they put you down, to build themselves up. It doesn't matter if they hope you fail. It doesn't matter if they talk badly about you behind your back. Inspite of what people say, it falls off like water off a duck's back. It doesn't bother you in the least because when you know you are on the your chosen path you realize very quickly that so many others are still struggling to find theirs. That struggle emotes as jealousy, pride, resentment, anger, frustration and even borders on hatred. These people's vibrations are very low, and it is only a matter of time before disease and degeneration take hold, with these emotions manifesting as physical ailments.

When you are on your chosen path you no longer fit into people's boxed images of who you are and how you are supposed to behave. They don't know how to relate to the strong, confident, positive, happy, peaceful and beaming you! So they have to find ways of putting your success down, until they feel better. Sadly, though, putting others down does not make anyone feel better. So those people will continue to struggle until they reach a point of higher learning and love. Hopefully along the way, they find their own "right path" for them. Don't take it personally. Raise your vibration up, and be the bigger - better person. Thank them for the lesson in compassion, understanding and tolerance. Send them love with the positive intention for their own growth and healing, for their highest and greatest good. You will just be one part of their life journey puzzle for their own learning and spiritual growth. Be grateful you could help. 5. Your Friend Circle is Expanding to "Like Minded" People When you are on the path that aligns with your goals, doing what you love you cannot help to have a very high energy hertz reading (aka a high vibration). High vibrational people tend to gravitate towards one another. When you are seeing your circle of friends expanding to include more and more "like minded" people sharing your interests, ideas and philosophies, it is a sign you are on the your chosen path. When making these types of friends comes effortlessly, it is also an indication you are on the "right path". However, if you are finding you are having to "hide" things from your friends it maybe an indication you are not on the "right path" with these people. If you are finding that you are acting differently around people in your friend circle, then your true authentic self, this too maybe an indication that your friend circle is out of alignment with your "right path". When you are finding you are having to explain yourself or justify your decisions with your friends, it might be another indication that these friends no longer align with your authentic self, and your authentic path. It doesn't mean you still can't be friends, it just means that they are not "like minded" and you need more of those people in your life for your own growth and support as well.

6. You Start Clearing Out The Drama & Chaos In Life

When you are on your life path there is no drama! There is excitement for sure, but not really drama. When you are on the "right path" you focus on what is meaningful and important in life. You focus on helping people, building lasting relationships, bridging connections and encouraging others to reach their highest potential. You are happy and excited when others succeed and soar! You go quickly to acceptanc