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Crystal Uses

Crystal Uses


Crystals have a wide range of purposes and uses. Through the centuries people have used crystals for a variety of uses including:

  • Protection,

  • Ornamental decoration on armor and regalia,

  • Attracting abundance and good fortune,

  • Lightening the atmosphere of a space,

  • Increasing positive energy flow,

  • Purification of a space’s energy,

  • Reviving house plants,

  • Reducing electromagnetic frequencies around electronics,

  • Promoting happy, healthy relationships,

  • Aiding in improved sleep patterns,

  • Boosting positive emotions,

  • Helping one to focus,

  • Restoring balance,

  • Connecting to higher realms (angels, guides, higher self)

  • Clearing spiritual energies,

  • Improved communication,

  • Reducing pain, anxiety, and stress,

  • Repelling negative energies of others,

  • Expanding one’s energy field layers,

  • Improving one’s intuition,

And so much more!

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