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Choosing Crystals To Work With You

Selecting Crystals to Work with You


Truthfully, crystals choose you most of the time, not the other way around. By that I mean, they sometimes vibrate when you pick them up. You may not notice it right away, but they do. They get excited when there is an energetic match for them.  Sometimes you may find yourself leaning towards a crystal or being drawn to it very strongly. That is another indication of it calling you over, choosing you to work with it.

Not all crystals will vibrate when you pick them up, as there have been many people touching them and they may have picked up a lot of energy that does not align with their own natural energetic vibration. Give it a few minutes and if you do not feel a connection try another crystal. It may also mean that this specific crystal does not align with your energy. If crystals do not align with your energy, working with them can be difficult. Do not be offended. It is important to always choose crystals that will work with you. We will go over the steps to energy test crystals to work with you, in the next sections.

If you are focusing on specific ailments or energy centers or meridians, not all crystals will work with you because they are not all aligned for those things. Just like when you choose an oracle card deck, you need to find a crystal that aligns with your energy and the energy of the intention for which, you are seeking the crystal to use.

Researching the properties of a crystal will help you decide which type of crystal you want to acquire to help you with a specific physical, emotional or spiritual dilemma. Considering the properties of the geometric shapes is also a consideration when choosing crystals to work with you on specific ailments or issues. When you have a list of crystals you would like to acquire, based on their healing, connective, balancing or grounding properties then you want to head to your nearest crystal store!

Shopping for Crystals In-Person

Before you enter the crystal store, ground yourself outside. Next set an intention for what you want to achieve and which crystals you would like for each intention you have, before going into the store. I have found making a list ahead of time helpful to stay on track.

Once in the store have a look around before heading to the crystal section. Just get a sense of the energy of the store, how things are laid out and where you would like to start. Then head to the crystal section when you are ready.

Have a look at the crystals you are considering seeing if you are drawn to any of them. Use your non-dominant hand, palm down, to go over the stones sensing their individual energies. Hold your hand about three inches above the stones, breathe deeply and slowly, sensing any changes in energy, vibration, or temperature. If you feel any spikes or changes in energy or warmth, those crystals are reaching out to you. They align with your energy and the intention you are focusing on and so, they are a good match.

You may even receive messages of inner knowing or you may hear a message in your head. Just observe how you feel as you run your hands over the stones.

When you feel energy vibrating from a specific crystal area, allow your non-dominant hand to select the crystal that suits you best. Hold your hand over it for a moment, then drift left and right to see if it is strong energetic response or just a blip. If you feel it is a strong response, pick up the stone. Hold the stone in your non-dominant hand and assess how you are feeling holding this stone.


Does it feel good? If you cannot tell, just hold it a little longer until you get a sense of whether this crystal will work with you on your set intention.

If you are still not sure, you can energy test the crystals, just like decision and food energy testing, crystal energy testing works very much in the same way.

When you use this energy testing technique for crystals, you can find crystals that will work with you, aligned to your specific energy and intention. Crystals are not all created equal. A Black Tourmaline from one part of the world will have different elements and properties, resulting in a different energy vibration than a Black Tourmaline from another part of the world with different elements and properties. Both are Black Tourmaline, but they resonate differently and therefore will connect to you differently. One of those Black Tourmalines may pull one way when you ask it “Will you work with me?”, while the other may have you leaning the other way. It is a remarkably interesting process and one that does not need a lot of practice to master.

Here are the steps to energy test if a crystal will work with you, your energy, and your desired intention:

  • Test your ‘yes’ and ‘‘no’’ baseline responses first by holding the breath and speaking out loud ‘yes, yes, yes’. Then do the same for ‘no, no, no’. Determine which way you lean for ‘yes’ and which way you lean for ‘no’ before you go any farther.

  • Pick a crystal that you are drawn towards,

  • Place it in the open palm of your non-dominant hand,

  • Place that palm, with the crystal in it, on your solar plexus chakra,

  • Place your dominant hand over top of the first hand, so both palms are overlapped facing into your solar plexus with the crystal between the first palm and your body,

  • Take a deep breath and when you exhale release any anxiety, tension, or upset. If you need to take a few breaths to release any stress or tension, go ahead and do that,

  • Relax your body, wiggle, and shake tension out,

  • Gently rest your elbows next to your body, not pressing - just resting,

  • Relax your shoulders,

  • Be firmly planted on the floor, with your body weight evenly distributed on both feet,

  • Take a breath in and hold it. While holding your breath ask, “Will you work with me?”

  • Then relax your body as you exhale VERY SLOWLY,

  • Be the observer,

  • Which way do you lean? If you get a ‘no’ from a one crystal of a specific type; choose another crystal of that same type and try again. Crystals come from all over the world, and just because that one crystal does not align with your energy and intention, does not mean the next one will not. If you got a 'yes' response, that is the crystal to choose to work with you.






Shopping for Crystals Online


There may be times when you do not have access to a crystal store but are inspired to search out crystals that will work with you online. Over the years I have learned a few of things about buying crystals online. Some key points:

  • Some sellers enlarge the pictures of the crystals to appear bigger, clearer, and more brilliant than they truly are in real life. They use magnified lenses and close angled shots in the photograph, so what you see may not be what you get.


  • Make sure you read the descriptor. It should detail the size in millimeters, the color, clarity, and quality information. Read this information carefully and use a visual, like a ruler to see the size of the crystal you are planning on purchasing.


  • When sellers post the picture of the crystal they are selling, many times they are presenting the best picture of that type of crystal from a large volume of crystals they are selling. Pay attention to any seller notations indicating the crystal may not appear as pictured. That is a warning from the seller, that you may not get what is shown in the picture.


  • There are a few sellers out there who will present imitation crystals, as the real thing. Many colored crystals are dyed and sold as genuine. There are some crystals that feel like glass, so sellers can take advantage of this by making glass crystals and selling them as genuine crystals.


When exploring purchasing crystals online there are some basic steps before you begin:


  • Be comfortable and relaxed, grounding yourself before you begin.

  • Next choose the specific type of crystal you want to search for.

  • Set the intention of what you are seeking. For example, you might want to set an intention to purchase a piece of malachite to work with you for opening the heart center and aligning the chakras.

  • Then put the crystal name in the search engine and pull up images of that crystal for sale. There are a lot of online crystal stores, eager to help you find your crystal match, so take your time and look around and compare quality and prices.

  • Once you have the search results of the crystals for sale, start scanning the images, keeping your intention at the forefront of your thought.

  • As you scan the photographs, stop at any that draw your attention.

  • With the image on the screen of the crystal you think you might like to have, stand up and perform the energy test for selecting crystals.

  • Stand up, bend your knees, relax your body.

  • Take a deep breath in and release any physical tension or tightness in your body.

  • While you are looking at the crystal picture, take a breath in and hold it. Ask out loud “Will you work with me?” Then exhale slowly.

  • Pay attention to which way you sway.

  • Go through a few pictures online to ensure you have the strongest ‘yes’ response in your sway test. You want a big ‘yes’, verses a little ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’ result. The stronger the pull to your ‘yes’ response, the more aligned you are with the energy of that specific crystal for your specific intention.

  • Once you have your strong ‘yes’, that is the crystal you should consider purchasing to work with you.


Exercise: Test the crystals you have at home!

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