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Programming Your Crystals

Programming Your Crystals


You may decide you would like to program specific crystals with a specific intention such as: healing or connection or dispelling negative energies from your space. Whatever your intention for programming, the programming process is the same.


1.     Set a specific intention first – lets pick emotional healing


2.     Select the cleared / cleansed crystal that aligns with your intention – lets pick rose quartz for this example


3.     Hold your crystal at heart level, you can place it on your heart center if you like. Feel the frequency of the crystal as well as the energy of your intention. Just sit with it for a minute or two.


4.     Allow the energy of the crystal to flow through you to align your own frequency, with the intention and the frequency of the crystal.


5.     Now place the stone down and then hold your hands over top of the crystal.; palms down about three or four inches above the crystal.


6.     Visualize your intention and imagine how having your intention come to fruition would feel inside. Experience the intention as if it is already happening. How do you feel? Joyful, relieved, stress free, etc. Embrace those feelings as if the intention has already been realized.


7.     Take a few deep breaths and trust that how your intention will be fulfilled is determined by the universal energy all around you, for your highest and greatest good. Be open to that. You may start to feel different sensations as you continue to connect and program your crystal. You may feel tingling, or pressure. Some people feel temperature fluctuations or a throbbing sensation. Others feel electrical energy sparks rising from the crystal into their hands. Everyone feels their connection to their programmed crystal, unique to them. There is no "right way" to feel your connection, it is what it is, for you.


8.     Once you have completed programming your crystal for the desired intention, you will need to keep it away from all your other crystals so it doesn’t pick up any other energy and misalign your programming.  You can keep it in a separate location or wrap it in cloth, whatever works best for you; but keep it separate and apart from your other crystals.

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