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Welcome To Harmony Hands Energy Healing

At Harmony Hands Energy Healing we offer a myriads of services including Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique(R) Thetahealing(R), Sound Healing, Art Therapy, Access Consciousness, and different types of Combinations, Free sessions for cancer clients, Reduced rates for Seniors and more!


Awaken Your Potential Training & Coaching Program

"This has been life changing for me.”

“I really liked the feeling of the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowl sound healing, going through my body”

“I really enjoyed the energy exercises, especially the ones with the drumming”


Terrace, BC

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Harmony Hands Energy Healing Services

"Professional, compassionate and very effective.

Thank you Laurie for your help!

I'd like to add that when I first began working with Laurie, I was weak, frail, exhausted and could barely walk.

Fast Forward six months later and I am cane, walker and wheelchair free!"


Terrace, BC

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Awaken Your Energetic Superpowers Book 

“Its like 3-4 books in one. Not only does the author write in a concise and easy-to-digest style, she manages to include information that one would get from reading several different books. It stretches beyond information on energy and how to heal yourself or live well on a daily basis, and also touches on crystals, crystal grids, spirit guides, manifesting, communicating with your angels, sacred geometry and so much more. Graphics are great -- for the first time saw large enough drawings of how to trace the body's meridians. The information in this book was also instrumental in taking my terminally ill mother from having her foot in the grave to being well enough to start playing golf again and finding joy in being alive.”


Barbara Fixx, Screenwriter, Beverly Hills, California, USA

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