Reasons why you should try Harmony Hands Energy Healing

Testimonials from Students & Clients off of the Harmony Hands FB Review Page:

Michelle writes: "Wonderful experiences. Calm and recharge. Laurie is amazing. I am a believer. "

Ray writes: "Very professional, compassionate and relaxing experience!"

Gord writes: " ...After a one hour session I am pain free, super relaxed and I sleep amazing in the evening. I would highly recommend a visit with Laurie to anyone who is having pain and mobility issues, trouble sleeping or needs some relaxation or de-stressing. She is the real deal!!"

Rebecca writes: "I am about the most practical person and it took a little openness for me yet somehow it worked. The session left me energized and in particular the tapping meridian treatment was pain relieving and had a lasting impact. Laurie explained everything and deep relaxation technique resulted in having an awesome sleep and waking pain free!"

Gayle writes: "Yesterday I had my first Reiki appointment and was amazed at the whole process! I could actually feel the energy moving through my body! Laurie is so compassionate and caring and took the time to explain in depth at how it all works. I am looking forward to booking my next appointment on my continued journey back to health. Thanks Laurie"

Stacey writes: "Super fantastic treatment. Thank you so much, Laurie"

Jessica writes: "Taking the level one reiki certification has brought me better sleep, more balance and mindfulness to my daily life. Thanks Laurie for introducing me to so much vital information and staying connected with me every step of the way💓 "

Lillian writes: "I took the level I, Crystal Reiki and the Level ll Reiki, with Laurie Fulford, and totally enjoyed the teaching. Laurie is an amazing teacher and she affords one, the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of her home, to teach you. Thank you Laurie for sharing your wisdom and abilities. Your definitely a blessing from the Great Creator. Keep on keeping on!! You have become a friend for life. "

Kelly writes: "I can’t say enough great things about Laurie! If you are looking for a Reiki course this is for you. Laurie is a wealth of knowledge, her class is fun, informative, and she is there to support us long after the weekend closes"