Reiki And The Quantum Field

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We Are Electric

When one thinks of “energy”, one usually imagines images of electricity or currents of electricity; or maybe a kid bounding on a trampoline who has just consumed several candy bars 😊.

When I think of our bodies, I think “flesh and bone” but then I realize they too have electricity running through them as well. Our heart has electrical impulses. Our lungs also have electrical impulses. Our brain is full of electrical impulses, signals, relays. Our neurons and sensory neurites, not to mention our nervous system, all fire using electrical impulses. We are electrical beings, by nature.

Scientists have discovered, and have confirmed through peer review published studies, that humans are 99% energy and only 1% matter.

So why is it so difficult for our human brains to understand that as electrical beings, we might need to do some self-care on our own energies; on our own biological electrical systems?

I am firmly grounded in science and truly believe that energy healing isn’t a sprinkle of magic and poof you are all better. I have witnessed over and over, clients learning how to heal themselves with quantum energy, from the inside out, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever that looked like for each of them, individually.

There is no wrong answer, because it is the right answer, unique to everyone individually. There is no one path to the right answer either. If anyone ever tells you "this is the only way", run the other direction.

I have seen first hand on hundreds of clients, how energy healing helps them to release their physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. I have seen how helping them understand their own energy systems; and how we are all connected in the quantum field, they too can learn how to heal themselves.

The scientific evidence of healing occurs every single time someone comes for a session. The transformation for some is immediate; for others it is over weeks. Either way, the transformation in their stress, anxiety, pain, confidence and inner knowing is remarkable.

What is Quantum?

Quantum Energy is the force or power behind all things that grow, move and live. Scientists call it quantum energy; but it is also known as the life force energy or Chi or Qi.

It is the invisible energy field in the spaces between our cells and molecules, atoms and particles. It is the energy behind all life.

When you blow up a cell under a microscope. You will find that the molecules and atoms, the particles and quarks within the cell, are not touching each other. What is keeping them together? What is keeping their order? How do they communicate if they aren’t even touching? What is the force that is the energy behind life in a cell?

The force is Quantum - it is that invisible quantum energy force also referred to as a quantum energy field (or just quantum field) that we cannot see but that we can feel at a higher level that gives the energy to life. It is like a lattice or a matrix of inter-connective energy pathways, linking us all together; all of humanity together. It is how we can sense someone with a lower vibrational energy than ours, enter the room - even when our backs are to the door and the door is 40 feet or more away! How do we sense when that negative or lower vibration energy is in the vicinity? It is the link we all share within the quantum field. Our energy vibration is part of that resonance.

Quantum Flow In Nature Vs Our Busy Reality

Recently I had the opportunity to go camping for a week, in amongst old growth cedar and hemlock trees. I was in my glory surrounded by the most amazing vibrant forest. While I stood there admiring the beauty and splendor of the forest’s ancient wisdom and magnificence, I realized the energy flow that I was feeling entering my fingers was flowing freely through my entire being.

I noticed that this type of energy flow in the “real world” takes a concentrated effort. If I wanted this type of speed and intensity I would have to concentrate for several minutes to build up to that higher level of energy flow. Yet here standing in the forest, with only one hand on this beautiful old tree, barefoot on the forest floor, the energy was instant, strong and fast. Just one hand on a tree and barefoot – I was a little taken back.

I discovered that morning that quantum energy flows freerm stronger and faster in nature. When there is a natural order and balance, it just flows. The energy of the tree, the wind, the squirrels, the birds, the plants, the mosses, the insects… when all is in balance, it dances a unique harmonizing dance of balance. Everything just flows as it is meant to.

In our “reality” the natural order is often “off”. There is judgment and unrealistic expectation; disappointment and grief; rejection and betrayal; sorrow and hurt; and on and on the list of negative emotions and thoughts can go. We have all this negative programming that we have built up over a life time, that it all gets in the way, like clutter in your mind, body and spirit. It gets in the way of experiencing the true free flow of the quantum life force energy all around us.

In our busy world, if we find a way to align our hearts and minds, all those negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and programming fall by the wayside. If we are able to mindful and accepting, coming from a place of love and compassion, the energy will flow freely. Most of us do not have our hearts and minds aligned, so we are doing what we have to do to survive; versus what we want to do to live our lives with fulfillment and abundant purpose.

If we could all just learn to understand how we can tap into the quantum energy all around us to help heal ourselves and align our hearts and minds, we would all be happier and healthier beings.

Reiki Energy Healing does just that. Trained Reiki Masters and Practitioners are able to tap into the quantum energy, the life force energy and attract it, like a magnet. Once the energy is flowing, the Reiki Master or Practitioner then can focus that energy through their body and out the palms of their hands. Scientists have measured the hertz reading from an average Practitioner is an additional 7 - 10 hertz higher than an average person. The Reiki Master or Practitioner is able to share the flow of quantum life force energy with the client. The client either is willing to accept the energy to help them release their physical, emotional or spiritual blocks; or the client isn't wiling and the energy is pushed back towards the Practitioner, as if to say "no thank you".

The Scientists Behind Quantum

Dr. Maxwell Planck Developed Quantum Theory

(1858-1947) Max Planck, a German physicist, is best known as the originator of the quantum theory of energy for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1918. His work contributed significantly to the understanding of atomic and subatomic processes.

In 1943 Dr. Maxwell Planck – Developed the first Quantum Theory explaining how all life has a quantum energy force behind it (the waves, a plant, people, our cells, air molecules – everything). He termed this energy force “quantum”.

Einstein’s Contribution To Quantum Theory

Einstein's early contributions to quantum theory include his heuristic suggestion that light behaves as if it is composed of photons, and his exploration of the quantum structure of the mechanical energies of particles embedded in matter.

In 1909, he introduced what was later called the wave-particle duality, the idea that the wave theory of light had to be supplemented by an equally valid yet contradictory quantum theory of light as discrete particles.

Dr. Niels Bohr’s Contribution To Quantum Physics

Many of Einstein's quantum ideas were incorporated into a new model of the atom developed by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr in the first decades of the century. Bohr explained that electrons occupy only certain well-defined orbits around a dense nucleus of protons and neutrons. He showed that by absorbing a discrete quantum of energy, an electron can jump from one orbit to another.

Nikola Tesla's Contribution To Quantum Mechanics

Nikola Tesla Describing Quantum Entanglement In 1891

“Nature has stored up in the universe infinite energy. The eternal recipient and transmitter of this infinite energy is the ether. The recognition of the existence of ether, and of the functions it performs, is one of the most important results of modern scientific research.

The mere abandoning of the idea of action at a distance, the assumption of a medium pervading all space and connecting all gross matter, has freed the minds of thinkers of an ever present doubt, and, by opening a new horizon—new and unforeseen possibilities—has given fresh interest to phenomena with which we are familiar of old. It has been a great step towards the understanding of the forces of nature and their multifold manifestations to our senses. “

Tesla was an electrical engineer. He saw electricity and energy from a different perspective than traditional scientists. Tesla was the first person to discover that if you could tap into the quantum energy, focus it and channel it, you could send energy for greater and greater distances, without cables. He was able to tie into the quantum energy all around us. Tesla took his experiments with energy to all new levels including developing alternating current (A/C Power). He was able to capture lightning and redistribute its energies. He invented fluorescent light bulbs and plasma lamps. He showed how you can power phosphorescent lighting without any wires. He invented the radio, remote control and the AC Induction Motor. He created robotics, worked with lasers, xrays and wireless communications and energy, free for all. Tesla was ahead of his time. Documents show he was even able to capture that energy and redirect it from his hands and fingers. Tesla’s many experiments have been peer reviewed and proven accurate and viable.

Quantum Waveforms

Tesla was able to use his understanding of energy and electromagnetic waveforms to capture what he termed as “Teslian Waves”. These are a type of energy wave, with a certain frequency, for healing. He was able to naturally tap into this wave frequency, by using his own intention, mind and hands. He found these wave frequencies had healing properties and could help with cellular healing.

At Harmony Hands Energy Healing, you learn how to capture Teslian waves naturally, during the Traditional Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification level. Teslian waves help you capture a healing hertz of 6 - 8 hertz, which is the perfect resonance for a heart - mind alignment.

Tesla also created the technology to create these waveform frequencies for healing. Tesla waves are unique whereby the farther they get away from their intended purpose, the stronger they become. This explains how ”energy healing at a distance” is able to have such profound results for the one receiving the energy.

Why Can’t We See Quantum Energy?

All energy emits light; but the human eye cannot see all the light being emitted around us. The light is measured in nanometers and covers a broad scale. The point where the human eye can see light is very small. It is between infrared and ultraviolet, where the visible light spectrum resides. We cannot, without assistance from technology, see the other electromagnetic spectrums of light.

Nikola Tesla discovered that the light energy within us, our photons are constantly pulsating in and out. They are pulsating a billion times a second. We are constantly pulsing, vibrating with our own unique energy hertz frequency, output level and pattern. We attend to our physical body; but how much time do we commit to our energy body.

Our own photons of light and the quantum field are both low- level light. With the human eye it is difficult to see the low-level light photons without technology because they are in the gamma ray spectrum.

Reiki Energy Healing helps you to heal yourself with low-level light therapy. All energy is light. The additional hertz reading that is emitted from a Reiki Master or Practitioner is low-level light energy. It is the same type of low-level light therapy you can obtain from medical facilities, only instead of it being artificially produced, the low-level light energy from a Reiki Master or Practitioner is naturally produced.

How You Can Maximize The Benefits Of The Quantum Field

As noted earlier, scientists have discovered, proven and confirmed over and over that we are 99% energy and only 1% matter.

They have study after study to detail this finding.

It would be foolish to only ever focus on the 1% matter (our bodies) and ignore the 99% energy (our energy bodies, centers, layers, consciousness, thought and the spirit within all of us). To be well beings, we truly need to recognize that all three areas, our body, mind (conscious thought) and spirit need nurturing and self care.

So find ways, that work for you to access the quantum energy field for balance and harmony in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Here are just a few suggestions to explore:

  • Ground Yourself To The Negative Charge Of The Earth = Stand barefoot or sock foot on the lawn. Bend your knees slightly. Dangle your arms down beside you and just breathe. After a few minutes you might start to feel a slight tingling in your feet. It may grow stronger and stronger. You may feel that tingle start to move up your legs and into your body and arms. You may feel your fingers or hands or both start to tingle. This is you connecting with the life force energy of quantum. You are connecting to the negative ion charge of the earth and as you breathe in, you are connecting to the quantum energy all around you. Keeping your knees slightly bent allows for the energy to flow freely. You can do this siting in a chair as well, as long as your feet are touching the ground.

  • Yoga is another good way to elongate energy centers, stretch out energy blocks and enhance the life force energy within your bodies, flow freely. With yoga once you feel your feet and hands tingling, you know that the energy is flowing.

  • TaiChi is another amazing exercise to help you to connect to the life force energy. By slowing down, and breathing deeply and slowly with each move, you are able to feel the energy start to flow through you. When you feel your palms tingling, or maybe sweating, you know you can feel the energy. Some people’s fingers tingle or they get goose bumps. Some people feel slight weight or pressure between their hands as they move their palms closer together and then farther apart.

  • Meridian Tapping or Tracing is another great way to stimulate the flow of energy within your being. This will help you to increase the flow as you absorb it, from all around you.

  • QiGong or TaiChi QiGong are both wonderful modalities for movement, connection, breathing and enhancing the life force energy running through you.

  • Traditional Usui Reiki is a wonderful process to help you absorb the healing and connective energy. The practitioner can manage the flow of energy coming in and help to focus it at specific energy points, centers and pathways. Some practitioners also work with your meridians and your various auric layers. Reiki will help you release physical, emotional and spiritual blocks in your body, mind and spirit.

  • Reflexology is another modality that helps to activate, clear and balance your energy meridians and points. It helps you to release and process, clear and cleanse lower vibrational energies.

There are many more modalities you can explore. Be open as not all modalities resonate with everyone. There are many other types such as Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Healing Hands, etc.; regardless of which one you choose the energy that is tapped into is the same. The modalities to access that energy might be slightly different, and the results may vary; but the energy is the same energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of quantum energy and how it relates to Reiki Energy Healing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note.

Laurie Fulford, PMP

Owner/Operator, Harmony Hands Energy Healing

Terrace, BC


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