Customized Individual Healing Program




In the Harmony Hands Custom Individualized Healing Program we meet to discuss what issues you are seeking to relieve and then we set some clear goals for your healing program.


Some people have numerous issues that cannot all be addressed in one session, so this Customized Individualized Healing Program, sets out a path to success over several sessions.


Together we set out the path for your success, for whole body healing of your mind, body and spirit.  We will target your most disturbing issue first, slowly working through all of the issues you would like help addressing.


With the Intention set for the areas of concern we are going to focus on, we start off slow beginning with grounding and deep relaxation.   Depending on what the issues are we are working through, we may also include a guided meditation for shedding layers and limiting beliefs as well. 


Then we will turn our attention to the energy healing process for the primary issues of concern.  We will begin with Reiki or Crystal Reiki calming everything down and ensuring all the pathways are clear for fluid energy movement. While you relax, deep breathe and just "be"during the Reiki session, I work slowly and gently on activating all of your meridian pathways.  I work on key areas of the body channeling the Reiki energy.  When there are blocks, the energy doesn't flow in the same way and there are bunch up neurons and sensory neurites that present to me as "hot spots" of blocked energy.  If I come across energy blocks in your meridians or chakras as I am conducting the treatment session, I will spend more time and attention in those areas, ensuring they are flowing and no longer "hot spots" by the time I am done.  

Towards the end of the session, I check your meridians and chakras one more time to ensure that something we cleared in one area, hasn't gotten bunched up in another area.  Once you are clear and flowing well, I then close up your energy by locking it up inside of you, helping you to repel negative emotions, thoughts or feelings that may be directed at you throughout your day. 

Once completed we then have a debrief session, discussing what you felt with the energy moving throughout your body; and then I talk about what I felt and found, released and cleared.  I offer you a glass of alkaline water (fresh ginger root, cucumber, lemon and mint) to help you flush away the toxins and reduce any remaining inflammation in your body. 

Depending on how the session went, what was cleared and released, we may want to explore a neurolymphatic massage process you can perform at home.  We may need to look at tapping one or more of the meridians for additional activation and movement.  I an also teach you the "spinal flush" where you can activate and flush toxins out of your lymphatic system.  


For follow up sessions, we will decide each step at a time.  You will decide what next issues, pains, ailments, negative emotions, etc. that you want to focus on for the next session.  We will determine the next best steps together, working slowly or as quickly as you like over time to gently relieve your body, mind and spirit of blocks, illnesses, disease and degeneration.


We may include additional techniques as we continue on with your Customized Individualized Healing Program.  It all depends on what comes up and what issues you decide you would like help healing.  Some of the other techniques include, but are not limited to:


  • energy testing, testing your muscle strength along various meridians and then working on those specific meridians


  • food energy testing to see if any foods are contributing to any of your issues.


  • we may discuss nutritional supplements


  • we may want to explore a full body detox in the infrared sauna.


  • you may decide you need help releasing limiting beliefs and the  negative programming in your head through an Access Consciousness - Access Bars process.


Your Customized Individualized Healing Program will be dynamic and will be modified as we go, for your changing needs.  It all depends on where you are at, where you want to be and how your healing progresses.

We will work in partnership healing your physical body, releasing & clearing any emotional upset, releasing limiting beliefs and ensuring all your energy systems are functioning at their optimum physical health.